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With Father’s Day fast approaching I thought I’d assemble a collection of scooter gifts which are all available on Amazon Prime and can therefore be delivered in plenty of time for the big day.

If you click on any of the images they will take you straight to Amazon if you want to buy immediately or find out more!


Either myself or my husband have read these books and they are all in stock at the time of writing.  Don’t forget that they are often available on Kindle too, if the father in question likes to read a book on a phone, iPad or Kindle.  The good thing about an e-book is that it’ll always be available even if the paper copy is sold out!

The first is a cute little hardback book which is about the history of scooters from the very early days.  It’s got some lovely old photos in and goes into quite a lot of detail about each era, taking us right up to the autos in modern scootering.  It’s priced at only £7.67 so is a great stocking filler (if there is such a thing for Father’s Day!).

If you have a slightly bigger budget then this Lambretta Bible is £21.24 and has every model from 1947 including a look at the British dealer specials of the 1960s.

My husband is a massive Stone Roses fan and highly recommends this book.  He’s a man of few words and “it’s really good” is high praise indeed.  It covers their humble beginnings and subsequent implosion with plenty of facts and revelations from every era of this iconic band.  It’s £9.99 so won’t break the bank.

The next in my list is another music-related blog, this time from Rick Buckler who lifts the lid on the story of The Jam from his perspective.  It’s an extremely honest account from a lovely guy who we were lucky to meet in the early days of The Gift, his return to the scene.  It’s priced at £12.45.

If the Dad you’re buying for is more of a ska or Madness fan then Suggs’ story might just tick the box and at only £8.22 won’t break the bank.

If you’re buying for a psychobilly fan then look no further.  One of the scene’s leading authorities (and one of my best friends) says “It is not just a trip down memory lane that evolves around the UK (in fact it’s quite a geography lesson) but a well-researched and well-written MUST HAVE for any psycho new or old. Even the most avid fan is going to find something in there they didn’t know before. But be warned, it’s not a 5 minute read. Had the text not been so small, this book would have easily been double the thickness. As it is you’ve got over 230 pages jam-packed with information and over 150 photos”.  Thanks to Jo Jackson for the review!  Here are more of her book reviews if you’re interested in the world of psychobilly.

For the story of the Sex Pistols as told by Steve Jones, in this candid autobiography which is priced at £7.99.

I love getting recommendations and this was highly rated by a friend of a friend – and I’ve put it on my reading list!  Viv Albertine charts her life as the guitarist in Slits and life after the band.  This was the Sunday Times’ music book of the year so is well worth a read.

My own all-time favourite band is Squeeze, and I’d highly recommend Chris Difford’s autobiography if you like them too.  It covers his childhood, the highs and lows of the band, and his issues with alcohol –  it is a really interesting read.  The hardback is £14.99 and the paperback is £9.99.

And my final book is for fans of all things mod.  This book is a history of the original mod scene and has over 150 photographs which chart the birth of this iconic youth culture which influenced most of us modern scooterists.


There are a number of scooter-related t-shirts available, including those below which I think would look good on any scooter-loving Dad!

This Makaya t-shirt features a retro Vespa image and is priced at £19.90.

Lambretta polo shirts are available in a range of colours so there’s bound to be something to suit the Dad in question.  They are priced at £22.

Other scooter gifts

There are many other scooter gifts that won’t break the bank.

The first is this travel coffee mug with a red PX on the front.  It’s £13.71 and is great for re-use, helping the environment too.

Here are some model scooters, the first being a red P200E which costs £16.99.

An ideal example of scooter gifts, a model PX200E in red

If you have a GTS rider then this might be something for them, and it’s only £13.64.

There are loads of mugs available as scooter gifts but I quite like this one, a Vespa Servizo one for that mechanic in the family!  It’s priced at £13.92.

There are a number of scooter signs on Amazon, which can be put up in a garage or shed (but not outside, we don’t want to attract thieves!) and this Lambretta one is priced at £14.95.

This Vespa sign is only £10.43.

I hope this has given you some ideas for scooter gifts on Father’s Day.

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      June 10, 2018 / 10:27 am

      It’s nice to solve a tricky problem as the men in my life are quite difficult to buy for! Hopefully there’s something here for everyone.

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