About me

I started this blog to write about things I love and am passionate about.  It’s an eclectic mix but is mainly scooters, travel and street art.

My scooter life

I’ve been riding scooters since I was 16 and travelling to all corners of the country (and beyond) to meet up with like-minded souls.  I really love photography and writing so before Facebook and blogs were even a thing I used to upload photos and write-ups of scooter rallies I attended via my website, bluevespa.com.

Isle of Wight Scooter Rally, 2003, on my blue Vespa PX200E

Then Facebook became the way I shared photos but, having become disillusioned with it as a sociable way of life, I thought I’d resurrect the heart of bluevespa but write a blog to share other things that I care about.  I love looking at scooters and there are so many different styles, which are all featured in my scooter pages.

Travel adventures

Since turning 50, and becoming self employed, I can now take more time off work to go on adventures with my family.  The first of these was a fantastic trip to Toronto, Niagara and New York, and we visited California in April 2018.  I want to share our best tips so that others can make the most of a trip, whether it’s a far-flung location or somewhere close to where I live on the south coast of the UK.

Canoe Landing Park, Toronto, August 2017

Health and fitness

I enjoy running and keeping fit, as much for my mind as well as my body, and I’m also keen to eat healthily, and try to keep my sugar addiction under control.  I wanted to share ideas for others to try so this site will also include plenty of lifestyle hacks, the kind that I love to read about on Pinterest too.


The site includes affiliate links, for which I may receive a small commission, which I use to run the blog.  I only link to sites which I have used myself and would be happy to recommend.    It is at no cost to you and the price you pay is the same as everyone else, unless I can negotiate a discount!

Unless otherwise mentioned, all of the places and products I review are bought by me, and my reviews are completely honest and unbiased.

If you’d like to work with me then visit my Work With Me page to see what we can achieve together!

Thanks for reading


PS The reason it’s called ‘Diary of a Detour’ is that I am in the Midhurst Detours Scooter Club, so am therefore a ‘Detour’.  It is also quite relevant for the travelling adventures I am currently arranging, many of them requiring a detour due to natural disasters and poor planning!