Brighton Graffiti in 2018

I love Brighton, and its street art and graffiti scene is so vibrant that I have put together a tour of the best hotspots to visit if you get a chance.

Wall mural of a girl's face with bush above for her hair

What made it easier was that I rode my scooter and was therefore able to park easily and nip in and out of each location really quickly.   If you’re coming to Brighton then by far the best way to travel is by train, and there is plenty of graffiti close to the station, and along the roads leading down to the seafront.  If you let the train take the strain then you don’t have to think about parking your car and battling the busy traffic.

If you do plan to drive then take care when choosine a parking location as many car parks don’t have their prices clearly advertised before you get in, and it’s easy to make an expensive mistake.  I would recommend using JustPark (link below) where you can search for spots near to where you want to be, and some spaces are right in the centre of town.  You can choose a spot which fits your budget and have peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises when you need to leave.


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Brighton Graffiti in Upper Lewes Road

Some friends of mine told me about a recently-decorated house on Upper Lewes Road so my Brighton graffiti tour started there.  It’s an enormous wall mural which must have taken hours, but it is stunning!

Wall mural covering a house in Upper Lewes Road, Brighton

Further down the road was another spot with this vibrant artwork which I really loved.

Street art in Upper Lewes Road, Brighton

London Road

The next stop on my Brighton graffiti tour was behind the London Road shops at the Hobgoblin pub, which is itself covered in enormous murals.

The Hobgoblin pub with enormous murals

Black devil on vibrant geometric colourful background

I then headed north, visiting St Peter’s Street, Providence Place and Elder Place for non-stop Brighton graffiti.

The cat amongst the pigeons - themed street art

Incredible street art on the side of a building in St Peter's Place, Brighton

Wall mural in St Peter's Place, Brighton

This area behind London Road is home to many awesome examples of Brighton graffiti.  The back of this house has an amazing mural!

Back yard in Providence Place with Brighton graffiti

I clambered up a fire escape to get a closer look!

House covered in a giant wall mural

This is an example of work by Snub, a prolific Brighton-based artist who has work spread all over the city.

Snub graffiti in Brighton

Elder Place has more great examples of Brighton graffiti, particularly with a local theme, like the one below depicting seagulls and the Palace Pier.  Yes, I know they call it Brighton Pier now, but to me it’s Palace Pier still!

Seagull wall art behind London Road in Brighton

High Power wall art in Brighton

Audio T street art in Elder Place, Brighton

At the top of Elder Place are some telephone junction boxes decorated by Cassette Lord.  The council allow him to brighten up these boring green boxes which I think is a great idea.

Cassette Lord graffiti on a Brighton junction box

Cassette Lord street art, Brighton

North Laine

One of the best places to see Brighton graffiti is in Trafalgar Place.  The street art here seems to have a very short shelf life and it makes me sad to see great pieces covered over.  I asked Glimmertwin 32 about it and it turns out that he likes the constant change and transient nature of art.  It’s great for viewers like me to have fresh street art to look at every time I visit, but when I think about the hours that must go into every one I would want it to last longer than a week or two!

There was new work from Mazcan, another of my favourite artists, as well as other gorgeous street art.

Work by Mazcan in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

Brighton street art in Trafalgar Lane

Harry graffiti in Brighton

Street art by Snub in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

Graffiti in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

Brighton graffiti in the North Laines

Harry graffiti in Brighton

Street art in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

Church Street

I then headed south to Church Street for the next stop on my Brighton graffiti tour where I parked my scooter at the end near Queens Road.  This area is where Glimmertwin 32 has a lot of work on show where he uses the hoardings of the building site as a canvas.

It all has a Brighton theme, including the West Pier, the Pavilion and general seaside images such as deckchairs and rock.

Brighton Pavilion street art by Glimmertwin 32

West Pier graffiti by Glimmertwin 32

Hove Actually seaside rock, graffiti by street artist Glimmertwin 32

Helterskelter from Brighton Pier, by street artist Glimmertwin 32

A mod-style Vespa scooter surrounded by targets, by Glimmertwin 32

Brighton Pier street art in Church Street, Brighton

Work by Glimmertwin32 in Church Street, Brighton

Further up the street was another Brighton-inspired piece, a silhouette of the Pavilion against a rainbow background.

Silhouette of Brighton Pavilion against a rainbow sky, street art in Church Street

Regent Street

I then walked the short distance to Regent Street, and although I’d visited relatively recently there seemed to be fewer cars and vans in the way for a couple of the wall murals, including the incredible Angel of Brighton by Cosmo Sarson.  It seemed extra sparkly in the sun and is worth repeating here although I don’t usually like duplicating photos on different posts!

Angel of Brighton wall mural by Cosmo Sarson

This piece by Crush Proof is also on my Brighton Street Art post, but I can see more of it on this trip so have posted here again as it’s so good!

DJ street art in Regent Street, Brighton

Smoking saint street art in Regent Street, Brighton

It was time for a drink so I popped into Iydea for a juice, but was so tempted by the food on display that I stayed for lunch!  It was delicious and could seriously tempt into turning vegetarian if their chefs could cook for me every day.  I also treated myself to a slice of their blueberry sponge cake which was amazing.

A three layer blueberry sponge cake

Gloucester Road

Newly energised by my lunch I headed to Gloucester Road where Snub had been busy with this panel on the side of a building.

Street art by Snub in Gloucester Road, Brighton

Brighton graffiti skull in Gloucester Road

Here are some paste-ups by another prolific Brighton artist called Minty who has  work all over the town centre and beyond.

Stick-ups by Minty in Gloucester Road, Brighton

Brighton graffiti in Gloucester Road

North Road

The closest I got to doing some shopping was a quick browse around Little Beach Boutique in North Road which I discovered on my last graffiti-spotting trip.  I’m glad I did as it was when I was leaving that I spotted some murals by Jivesart, aka John Ives in the road opposite.

Jives art graffiti of sea life in Brighton


John Ives, aka Jivesart, a graffiti artist in Brighton

This geometric piece was also in North Road, and I love the colours!

Geometric street art in Brighton

Black Rock

It was time to move on and my next Brighton graffiti stop was Black Rock which is east of the Palace/Brighton Pier, right at the end near the marina.  There are many hoardings there which act as canvasses, and there is also an inner area of waste ground which has been used by street artists too.

Girl's face graffiti at Black Rock, Brighton

Orange, green and brown lettering street art at Black Rock, Brighton

Graffiti at Black Rock, Brighton

Green letters spelling Raps at Black Rock, Brighton

Brighton graffiti at Black Rock

I was gutted I hadn’t worn sensible shoes as there was an artist in action on the upper level but I would have needed to climb up there and my summer sandals weren’t up to the job!

View of wall murals at Black Rock

Lots of room for street art on the walls at Black Rock Brighton

It was time to head home, but I couldn’t resist two more quick stops before hitting the A27 on my scooter.  Immediately on the roundabout in front of Brighton Pier was this telephone junction box so I stopped for a quick snap!

Don't Worry, Be Happy on a junction box outside Brighton Pier

I then stopped near the Peace Statue on the Brighton / Hove border where building work is surrounded by hoardings, a magnet for street artists.

Brightly-painted hoardings near the Peace Statue in Hove

Milk carton graffiti in Hove

Street art in Hove

I hope you enjoyed looking at these colourful examples of Brighton graffiti.



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    • AliRichards
      June 14, 2018 / 5:29 pm

      Thanks! I can’t wait to go back!

  1. tracie
    June 15, 2018 / 2:59 pm

    nice to see grumpy munkey making a beutifull some of these pieces thanks
    i quite often just wonder about looking for graff with my granddaughter x

  2. November 16, 2018 / 8:45 am

    We love street art! Was inspired when we visited Berlin and enjoyed a walking tour around some of its best artwork. Now it is our favourite part of a city!

    • AliRichards
      November 16, 2018 / 10:41 am

      I would so love to go to Berlin as their street art scene sounds amazing! My poor family get dragged around various cities but hopefully quite like it too 🙂

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