Free Checklist : Eat 30 Plant Foods Per Week

A collection of fruit and vegtables overlaid with a checklist for eating 30 plant foods per week

My focus towards health and weight loss changed in 2023 when I decided to concentrate more on vegetarian meals, eating less meat and less processed food. It was mainly from a health perspective but also to help the environment (as every little helps!)

My very good friend (and accountability partner) Emma is always on the lookout for healthy things to focus on, and a few months ago she told me about a new trend to eat 30 plant-based foods per week. We used to have a ‘5 a day’ target in the UK but in other countries their recommendation is to consume as many as 10 fruit or veg portions per day. However, unless the five or ten fruits and vegetables change every day, you could still be missing out on vital nutrients.

So aiming for 30 different plant foods every week means you’ll be eating a varied diet which delivers a wide range of nutrients. You’re also more likely to get the recommended vitamins and minerals from healthy food sources rather than supplements.

Benefits of eating more plants for your gut health

The strategy of eating a varied diet also helps our digestive systems. Tim Spectre of the Zoe programme encourages the ’30 plant foods per week’ target as the wider diversity of fiber-packed plants we eat, the happier and more diverse our gut microbiome will be.  You can read the article or watch the YouTube video to find out more.

Our fibre consumption makes so much difference to our overall health and this BBC article explains that it’s the variety of fibre which is actually more important than the amount. Other benefits include boosting your immune system, reducing depression and reducing inflammation.

You might think it’s hard to eat 30 different plant-based foods every week but actually it’s not that difficult. Some of the recipes I eat regularly have over ten in just one meal!

The plant-based foods list includes herbs and spices, as well as grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Download my free 30 plant foods checklist

So what are you waiting for? Start 2024 as you mean to go on, and stick my checklist on your fridge – tick off the plants you consume and your body will thank you for it.

It’s free to download and you don’t need to sign up for my email list to get one.

If anyone’s interested what weight loss ‘plan’ I’m using, then it’s Corinne Crabtree’s ‘No BS’ mindset which is all about eating when you’re hungry, stopping at enough and no foods being off limits. She has a free podcast but beware if a sweary American is likely to offend as she tells it as it is! It’s not called ‘No BS’ for no reason, and she doesn’t have much time for traditional restrictive diets like Weightwatchers or slimming world. There’s no counting calories, macros or points, and it’s super simple.

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