Bulldog Run 9 – Part 1 : People

The 9th Bulldog one was the biggest and (in my opinion) the best yet!   It had all the ingredients of a perfect rideout.  Lots of lovely people, scooters and sunny weather – you don’t really need anything else!

This page is just full of people!  So if I pointed a camera at you then you are likely to be featured below.  If you want to see the scooters which rode from far and wide then some of them are in Bulldog Run – Part 2.

For ease, I’ve split it into separate sections, so click on the hyperlinks below to whizz to the bits you’re interested in.

Bulldog Rescue Centre, Midhurst

Greyhound Pub, Midhurst

McDonald’s Chichester

Our first stop was McDonald’s where there were already plenty of scooters gathering, with more arriving every minute.  No sooner had I got off my scooter than I was greeted by a blast from the past, an old friend Pete Bryant whom I hadn’t seen in 30 years!  We had a lovely time catching up and then I dashed around the car park taking photos of other excited scooter people.


Midhurst Detours Scooter Club at the Bulldog Run

Pete Davies (Booga) holding some stickers for sale

Tina Hall with Bear the bulldog

Gawain and Mark, who was taking no chances with the sun protection!

The Bognorphenia gang!

Snowy showing off his Billy Whizz vest with Vespa logo

Gail and Snowy from Hoodlums Scooter Club

We couldn't resist more photos with the elusive Pete

Bulldog Rescue Centre, Midhurst

We left Chichester and arrived at the rescue centre in Midhurst around 11am.   It is owned and run by Dizzy and Tania Holmes from their home, in a quiet lane which is overrun by hoards of scooters, two stroke and sunburnt scooterists on one special day every year.   Dizzy was ready to greet us with badges for sale!

Dizzy Holmes at the Bulldog Rescue Centre in Midhurst

Area 51 Scooter Club relaxing on the grass

The tea tent was extremely busy but expertly organised by Sarah!

Pete Batty and Definitely Maybe SC

Greyhound Pub, Midhurst

Then we all rode the short distance to the pub for burgers, drinks and more chatting in the sun.

The Greyhound Pub in Midhurst

Junction 13 Scooter Club

Sarah and Joe


Riggs with his sparkly LCS motorbike

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If you fancy a trip down memory lane then do check out my 1980s custom scooters here, including Dazzle, Little Rascal and Italian Stallion!

More Bulldog Run fun

The second part of this blog can be found here : Bulldog Run 9 – Part 2 : the scooters

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All photos were taken by me with my iPhone.

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