Bulldog Run 9 – Part 2 : scooters and info

The Bulldog Run scooter rideout was the brainchild of Tina Hall from Midhurst Detours Scooter Club in 2010 after visiting the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Midhurst.

Cuddly bulldog toy on a scooter

The Centre is run by Tania and Dizzy Holmes (of Detour Records fame and founder of the Midhurst Detours) and there are 4 members of staff and 80 volunteers who look after the dogs while they are nursed back to health and wait for a new owner.  Tina rescued one of the bulldogs and came up with the idea of a scooter rideout to gather much-needed food and supplies to help out with the running costs.  Since then we have been back every year to raise money to help the centre; their vet bill alone comes to £60,000-70,000 every year and they are entirely reliant on donations and fundraising to pay for the running costs.  There is room for 8 bulldogs at Midhurst and they oversee a total of another 60 around the UK in other volunteer kennels.

If you want to visit their website to find out more about the dogs or donate then here is a link.

Like most years, there were separate meeting points for the scooterists coming from different directions.  The Worthing, Bognor and Portsmouth contingents gathered in Chichester.   The A5 and GU11 scooter clubs, with 31 scooters and a motorbike, met in Farnham and marshalled each other through the Surrey hills to get pole position as the first arrivals in Midhurst.  We rode from Chichester via Goodwood and all converged on what had previously been a lovely quiet lane, bringing chaos and two-stroke fumes in equal measure!

Sarah and Area 51 SC took over the organisation from Tina a couple of years ago and it’s a massive task.  Having marshalled the scooters to Midhurst they then hot-footed it to the tea tent to serve over 300 cups of tea and coffee, and slices of cake, to thirsty scooterists.  They printed patches which were sold out on the day (but you can contact Sarah for one if you missed out), and Pete ‘Pompey Invasion’ Davies was selling stickers to raise further funds.

There was a long queue of scooterists eager to see the dogs in their kennels for a stroke and a hug, and the volunteers were on hand to answer any questions with a smile (and pose for photos).  Speaking of which…  My previous post about the Bulldog Run featured the people in attendance.

I did a tour of the lane to count the scooters, and it wasn’t easy due to (hilarious) people shouting random numbers at me while I was doing it.  Honestly, you guys…  Anyway, I actually counted 284.   I know that some thirsty riders went straight to the pub and others left before I started (or arrived afterwards) so can comfortably announce that there were over 300.   This is a record, as previous years have maxed out at around the 230 mark.

Thank you to everyone for coming and supporting this event, and for Sarah and her team for making it possible.  Thanks to Dizzy, Tania and the rescue team for letting us take over your garden and see the dogs!  We raised nearly £1700 in total which is fantastic.  Can’t wait until next year!

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Bulldog Run 9 : The scooters

I’ve tried to post these in rough chronological order, starting in Chichester, then the Rescue Centre and finally those at the Greyhound pub.  There are some non-scooters in there too, but we welcome anyone on two wheels!

Red Lambretta TV scooter

Cropduster custom scooter with banner

Orange Vespa GTS scooter


Pink auto Vespa scooter

Rusty Series 1 Lambretta with stickers on the front

Rusty, rat rod scooter, Lambretta Series 1 side view

Black Vespa 125

World cup 1966 themed Vespa scooter

Bulldog cuddly toy attached to the back of a Vespa scooterRed, white and blue Supertune Lambretta scooter

Green Lambretta chopper

Grey Scomadi scooter


Silver and black vintage Vespa scooter

LCS BSA Motorcycle with red and green petrol tank

Turquoise Vespa smallframe scooter

Green Lambretta cutdown


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Lambretta cutdown scooter

Lambretta with The Dog on the side panel and basket on the back rack

Sky blue Scomadi auto scooter

Orange Scomadi scooter


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Sky blue and red Scomadi scooters at the Bulldog Run 2018

Green Vespa GTS scooter with yellow stripes and A5 scooter club stickers

Orange LI Lambretta scooter with other scooters in the background

Two Vespa PX scooters with Definitely Maybe Scooter Club legshield banners


Vespa PX scooter with northern soul wraps on the front mudguard


Turquoise Vespa GTS with black GTS in the background

Blue Italjet Dragster scooter

Dark red Italjet Dragster scooter

Row of GTS scooters from A5 Scooter Club

Lambretta TV scooter with red flyscreen and leopardskin seat

Bedford camper van


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Rusty Lambretta scooter with stickers on the front fairing and a blue horncasting

Vespa scooter with Cropbuster stencil and the number 54 on the side panel

Black Lambretta cutdown

Red Scomadi scooter and blue and gold Lambretta


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White Lambretta scooter with red side panels and picnic hamper basket on the back

Bright green Vespa chopper scooter


White smallframe Vespa with blue horncasting

Vespa PX scooters parked at the Greyhound Pub in Midhurst for the Bulldog Run

A mod Vespa scooter with lots of lights and mirror accessories

Closeup view of Vespa scooter with lights, mirrors and flyscreen


Scooters leaving the Greyhound Pub at Midhurst

Yellow Lambretta GP

Yellow Lambretta GP

Orange Lambretta LI with other scooters in the background

Blue Vespa PX

Riders on a Lambretta skeleton and Vespa PX scooter

Green and white Lambretta scooter from Area 51 Scooter Club


Just a quick reminder that if you want to see the lovely people who were in attendance then click here!

I’ve written lots of other scooter-related blogs, so have a click around if you’d like to see more photos and tips!  They include Lambretta Choppers, Pink Scooters and Mod Scooters.  On a more serious note, I’ve trawled the small print of scooter insurance to highlight some exclusions you should be aware of – read more here.  And then if you’re planning to go to the Isle of Wight then check this out.  There’s something for everyone!

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Some photos supplied by Angus Young including the cute Bedford camper van, but otherwise all photos taken by me with my iPhone.

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