CN Tower Edge Walk

The CN Tower Edge Walk in Toronto is the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had and I’d thoroughly recommend it as something a bit different to your average tourist activity.

Whether you’re a regular thrillseeker or just want to step out of your comfort zone, there is nothing like hanging off a platform which is 356m above the ground and is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

When you view the CN Tower Edge Walk platform from ground level it seems unthinkable that you could be up there and walking around outside.  My friend and I were so nervous, especially as I don’t really have a great head for heights.  It may seem odd that I was even contemplating this type of experience but I love to challenge myself and knew that if I could summon the courage then it would be incredible – and I was right!

View of the CN Tower from Union Station at sunrise

The experience starts with meeting your guide, and the lady who literally showed us the ropes (and harnesses) was superb.  She made the experience entertaining, informative and sheer fun, but safety is always the number one priority.  There are multiple checks and briefings at each stage of the visit, and every step is explained clearly.

Edge Walk participants in red jumpsuits with harnesses

There are many prerequisites that you need to adhere to, including age, height and weight restrictions. You must be in good physical health, cannot be pregnant and must not have had surgery in the last six months.   They offer teambuilding sessions for businesses and you can even get married on the CN Tower Edge Walk!  Disabled visitors may participate in the Edge Walk subject to certain criteria and will use a specially-adapted wheelchair.  You can view FAQs from the official website here which lists all prerequisites and restrictions.


The Edge Walk is an experience for small groups and it runs like clockwork.  When you get to the top you are tethered to an overhead trolley system and venture out onto the metal walkway.   It is breezy at the top, more than you’d realise, and even on a warm afternoon the wind can be extremely loud!  It’s not great for your hairstyle in the souvenir photos and I have more forehead showing than is ideal, but then the jumpsuits aren’t exactly high fashion!

The guide explains every move carefully and gently encourages you out of your comfort zone.  It’s unbelievable to think that you will lean backwards off the edge of the walkway, more than 350m over the city of Toronto.  The ‘Titanic’ pose, leaning forwards, was incredibly scary initially but an amazing thrill once you manage to do it.

Leaning off the Edge Walk platform but tethered to the trolley system

The guides are extremely experienced and take you around the tower, stopping at viewing points, striking various poses, and taking photos and videos all the time.

Six CN Tower Edge Walk participants leaning backwards with their hands in the air on the Edge Walk walkway

We started with just leaning over, which is terrifying but exhilerating, and ended up hanging off the edge backwards!

Side view of CN Tower Edge Walk participants leaning off the edge of the walkway

The view is amazing!  We went late afternoon when the sun was starting to go down, but I’d love to do it again at sunset.

Two participants leaning backwards at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto

If you visit the Edge Walk then you can spend time on the normal CN Tower viewing floors too, afterwards.  Here is a view of Downtown Toronto.

View of downtown Toronto from the CN Tower

If you love the CN Tower Edge Walk then you may want to take some amazing photos of the tower from ground level.  Here are the best spots!

View of the CN Tower from the railway museum with a Railway Crossing sign in the foreground

View from the Railway Museum



View of the CN Tower at sunrise with beautiful, colourful cloud formations

View from Spadina Avenue at sunrise

I would jump at the chance to do it again on my next visit to Toronto.

The CN Tower Edge Walk costs $225CAD per person and this includes various souvenirs such as a keepsake video, printed photos and a ticket to re-enter the tower.  Here is a link to the official CN Tower Edge Walk website.

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      It is the most amazing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it! Thanks for reading…

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