Mod Scooters

Mod scooters are still extremely popular some 50 years on from their heyday in the 1960s.  For some admirers they never went out of fashion, but the mod revival in 1979, fuelled by the release of Quadrophenia, brought them to the attention of a new generation.

The best mod scooters are vintage Lambrettas and Vespas, covered in accessories including lights, mirrors, badges, chrome and whip aerials.  Add a sprinkle of chrome and you have the perfect posing machine.  Goodness knows what they’re like to ride though, with all that weight on the front, and they are as wide as a small car!

Here are some of the mod scooters I’ve photographed over recent years.  Some of the best are from the Isle of Wight scooter rally in Ryde, as they seem to be extra shiny in the sun.  Ryde still attracts many mods over the August bank holiday despite the alternative rally held in Brighton.  The great thing about the scooter scene is the variety of tastes on show, and I don’t think there’s a more eclectic subculture in the world!


Mod lambretta with lights, flyscreen, backrest and badges

This is Nita’s custom Lambretta Mr Whippy which has won many trophies over the years.  It even features a horn which plays an ice-cream van tune!

Mr Whippy custom Lambretta with lights and horn accessories


Complete spanner's manual

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This Quadrophenia-inspired reproduction of Sting’s Ace Face scooter is owned by Neil from Coventry.

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Mod lambretta with flyscreen, lights and whip aerial with fox tail at the top

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Series 1 Lambretta with green horncasting and AA badge on the front fairing

You need plenty of polish to keep all the chrome clean!

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Mod scooter with union jack seat and many lights and mirror accessories

Two mod lambrettas with lights and mirrors and other accessories

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Lambretta TV with lights and badges on the front rack

Many mod scooters on a rideout


Mod Lambretta with lights and mirrors

A vintage lambretta with may lights and other accessories

You can read more about the Isle of Wight scooter rally in this blog about the 2017 rally, and this blog with top tips for your visit this year including ferry discounts and where to find accommodation.

Mod scooters with lights, mirrors and chrome accessories

The best mod scooters featuring Vespa and Lambretta scooters with accessories including lights, mirrors and plenty of chrome



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