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Brighton street art is everywhere around the city, and by its very nature is always changing.  I wanted to write this blog to create a snapshot of what was on show in March (and then updated in May) 2018, but I bet if I retrace my route in a few months then it will have all changed.

Brighton is a great place to visit for the day as there is so much to see.  The most convenient way to get there is to travel by train, but if you have to drive then beware of extortionate car park prices.  For example, the one in Russell Place is over £5 per hour!  I use JustPark to book a cheap space in advance and on this trip I parked at the Regency Square car park which is right on the seafront opposite the West Pier.

The first piece of street art which caught my eye is this junction box which is right beside the Hilton Metropole hotel in Cannon Place.  Many of these old BT boxes (if that’s what they are!) have been decorated by street artists and I love them.

Anti litter graffiti on a junction box in the street. Says Keep Brighton and Hove tidy.

Another piece in Cannon Place is this simple but effective see-saw stencil.

See Saw stencil in Cannon Place, Brighton

My next stop was Middle Street, on the outside of the old Mecca bingo hall.  There are a few stick-ups by Minty in this area, like the ones below.

Minty's paste-up in Middle Street, Brighton. A Stormtrooper meditating.

This collection is by BrokeArt who is an artist based in Wiltshire and Brighton, coincidentally two places I’ve also lived!  I love this Jesus art below.

Jesus doing the YMCA arm movements. This is the Y from YMCA


Jesus doing YMCA hand movements in Brighton

Or put it all together…

The next two examples of Brighton street art are opposite Donatello’s restaurant in Brighton Place, on the large wall which leads to the underground car park and is currently an entrance to a massive building site.

Street art near Donatello in Brighton

Street art near Donatello in Brighton

Here is another junction box, this time on North Street where you exit the Lanes via Meeting House Lane.

In the same area is this map, showing visitors how to navigate the labyrinth of narrow streets and walkways which make up the Lanes.  I love this area, and particularly the more ‘alternative’ North Laine, as they are such a contrast to the dull chain stores in Churchill Square and the main shopping areas.

src=”” alt=”Street art featuring characters at Hotel Du Vin, Donatello and Pretty Eccentric.” width=”732″ height=”1434″ />

I then headed across North Street into New Road which is home to the Dome and a short distance from the Pavilion.  On the side of the Pinocchio restaurant is this enormous image which is created on such an enormous scale.

Pinocchio restaurant street art in Brighton

Another impressively large example of Brighton street art is on the side of a gelato emporium in Church Street.

El Capitan street art in Brighton's North Laines

I then headed up Jubilee Street, a back street between the busier thoroughfares of Gardner Street and Jubilee Street.  There are many examples of Brighton street art there but there is also lots of building going on, so I don’t imagine they will survive for too long

Brighton street art from the North Laine


The next piece of art is breathtaking.  It is called the Angel of Brighton and is by Cosmo Sarson as a tribute to his late father who had passed away a year earlier.  Cosmo paints by hand rather than using spray cans, which makes it even more extraordinary.  Cosmo works on film sets too, including those such as Skyfall, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Tomb Raider!

Cosmo Sarson's handpainted Angel of Brighton

More street art in Regent Street.

This eyecatching design is behind the Infinity Foods shop, which provides a thriving vegetarian co-operative in the heart of the North Laines.

This is the amazing frontage of Ju Ju, on the corner of Gloucester Road and Kensington Street.

Another vibrant shop front is To Be Worn again, which has a couple of stores, with this one being in Sydney Street.

And then I headed to the mecca of Brighton street art, which is to be found in Trafalgar Lane.

The entire lane is covered in art!

Trafalgar Lane is one of the best locations for Brighton street art

GlimmerTwin32 produces a lot of work around Brighton and it is amazing.  This image below is one of my most pinned pins in Pinterest!  Check out his Twitter and Instagram profiles for lots more examples and he is available to paint what you want!  Imagine how cool it would be to get something created especially for you…

GlimmerTwin32 Lady Boss mural in the North Laine, Brighton

This lady is the work of Mazcan.

Mazcan's work in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

This is one of my favourites, another by Mazcan.

Girl with bush for hair, a wall mural by Mazcan in Brighton, one of the most iconic pieces of street art there

Since my visit in March, Mazcan has been busy!  When I visited in May she’d produced these two new murals.

Another female image by Mazcan in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

Wall mural by Mazcan in Brighton


Travis Perkins is covered with street art!

This girl is extremely eye-catching!

And finally, this enormous mural by Snub is on the corner of Trafalgar Lane and Gloucester Road.

A wall mural by Snub in Trafalgar Lane, Brighton

And finally… although I didn’t visit the i360 on this visit I had to share the brilliant street art on top of the Hilton Brighton Metropole which you can only see from this new attraction.

Brighton Hilton hotel with street art on the top. Visible from the i360 attraction which is next to the West Pier!

I know there are many other locations around the city with equally amazing art, so I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you like this sort of thing.  You can be sure that many of them will have changed already!

I have since written a new blog which features a tour around new locations with new work appearing all the time.  Check out my Brighton Graffiti Tour 2018 post for more details!

Don’t forget – for the best value parking you can book in advance try JustPark.

If you like a bit of retail therapy then you may be interested in my blog about My Favourite Brighton Shops!

I’m always interested in your news and ideas, so please comment below, especially if there’s something new you’d like to read about on this website.



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