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We recently visited Lisbon on a cruise stopover and (for once) I wasn’t intending to drag my family around the city on a hunt for local street art. When I’d researched the city it seemed like it was dotted all over the place which didn’t make for a pleasant family stroll, particularly given how hilly it is. However, when we were walking from one of the highest viewpoints at Miraduoro da Senhora do Monte to the Graca Church I spotted a set of steps which featured some really bright murals, so I paused to investigate…

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View up steep steps in Lisbon with street art murals on the walls

The first set of steps led to another, and then continued up the hill as far as the eye could see. We were all so impressed that we climbed up around four or five storeys, and although it was a sunny day there was plenty of shade from the surrounding buildings to shelter in.

Pink suited man eating an ice cream on a wall mural in Lisbon

I was amazed to find so much Lisbon street art in such a small area, it really was a hidden gem.

Colourful wall mural in Graca, Lisbon

Having checked on Google, the steps seem to be called Caracol da Graca, and they are maked with a dotted line on the map below. We found them on Rua dos Lagares which is at the bottom of the first set of steps.

This bright piece was one of my favourites!

Green-faced lady with wings coming out of her head, a great example of street art in Lisbon
Surreal and colourful street art in Lisbon

About half way up the steps is the Jardim da Graca, a green, park area with seats and a lovely view over the rooftops down to the port.

View of Lisbon rooftops from Jardim da Graca
Man walking his dog alongside wall murals in Graca garden in Lisbon

This eyecatching mural is by Italian artist Rossella RZ, and you can see her Instagram feed here.

Blue-bodied torso with face as mask by Rossella, a street artist
Gorilla street art in Lisbon
Mural of a lady with no eyes, in Lisbon, by Ozearv

The next two murals are by Ozearv, whose Instagram feed you can see here.

Bird mural by Ozearv in Lisboa

This large mural is by Jotapepax and you can see more of their work here.

This is by Portuguese artist @nomen_graffiti and you can see more of their work on Instagram.

This is by Adrenaline Injection, aka KimKidUK, who is also a tattoo artist – see more of his work here.

It seems that not everyone is a fan of street art!

Lisbon is a fantastic city and whether you visit for a few hours or a few days there is plenty to see and do. We found the cafes and restaurants to be excellent value for money too, so a short stay here won’t break the bank.

If, like me, you love taking cool photos of a city then here is a list of the best photo spots in Lisbon. And here is how to spend a weekend in Lisbon if you want to see all the sights!

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I do like to credit the artists who created the street art in Lisbon you see here, but for many of these pieces I couldn’t identify the tags or find them online, which is a shame. Please do leave a comment if you know who painted any of the work which isn’t credited and I will add links to their social media.

Collage of Lisbon street art from the Graca district

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