Bognor’s best Instagram spots

Mural of a pink flamingo in the Sweet Flamingo ice cream parlour in Bognor Regis, by Chloe Dowsett

I love taking nice photos and sharing them on Instagram, and have read many a blog about great spots to take photos in places I’ve visited like Los Angeles, New York and London.  However, I wanted to fly the flag for good old Bognor’s best Instagram spots as there are some great places in the local area, some quirky landmarks and some really cool angles which are worth sharing. I’ve only been using Instagram since 2018 but really love it, as I love the visual focus and it’s not full of adverts like Facebook is.  People post photos of their daily lives, sharing lovely views and experiences they’ve had.  I take photos of things I see, places I go on holiday, scooter rallies I attend – all on my trusty iPhone. All photos on this page were taken by me on my phone so it proves that you don’t need a fancy, expensive camera, and as we carry our phones with us most of the time it’s always there when the moment strikes. My Instagram name is @scootergirlie if you’d like to see some of my photos and follow me. As a seaside town (the sunniest place in the UK in fact!) it is inevitable that the beach is heavily featured in my photos.  I love running, walking and cycling along the prom, and I’m an early bird so at the right time of year I see some gorgeous sunrises. Anyway, that’s enough of the preamble, let’s get stuck into some photos to prove that Bognor has some awesome Instagram spots!

Bognor’s best instagram spots

  1. Bognor Pier

I’ll start with some of my pier shots.  There are so many angles to play with, depending on the the tide, weather and position of the sun. At low tide you can walk out beyond the pier and get a great view of the seafront from the shore. Photo of the pier at low tide

There are some nice angles in this one from underneath the pier itself.  It’s low tide again and the ironwork makes a great silhouette against the sky.

View through Bognor pier's ironworks at low tide

Many of Bognor’s best Instagram spots include a sunrise.  One of the advantages of running along the prom early in the morning is seeing some beautiful ones and this is a great example, with the sun just coming up at the end of the pier.

View of Bognor pier as the sun is rising in orange skies

2. Peeking through a shelter to Bognor Town Hall clock tower

There are some great spots in the town centre. The town hall clock peeks through the beach shelter in this one.

View of the town hall clock through a beach shelter on Bognor prom

3. Bognor Rock Shop

I love bright colours and this shop is really pretty! Bognor Rock shop

4. Sweet Flamingo

Bognor’s newest ice cream parlour (and best, in my opinion!) is Sweet Flamingo which you can find next to the Regis Centre.   Local artist Chloe Dowsett painted an incredible mural inside, which is definitely one of Bognor’s best instagram spots.

Mural of a pink flamingo in the Sweet Flamingo ice cream parlour in Bognor Regis, by Chloe Dowsett

5. Seafront Train

This little train runs along the prom from Butlin’s to Aldwick, but be careful you don’t get run over if you take a photo of the front like I nearly did!.

6. Bognor Street Art

I love street art and have written many posts on the subject (see more here) and Bognor has its own brilliant spots for graffiti.  This example is opposite the pier. Street art opposite Bognor pier, with text 'Making Bognor Brighter'

Here is another mural by Chloe Dowsett and it was commissioned by the owner of the Pier Bar on the seafront.  It is tucked away in Manor Place which is off Waterloo Square and has been dubbed the Bognor Bowie! One of Bognor's best Instagram sports is this David Bowie street art as Ziggy Stardust

7. Bognor Museum

While we’re in the town then this vintage microphone is a great Instagram spot!  You can find it tucked away in Bognor museum with many other antique treasures, and entry is free!  The portrait mode on my camera app allows me to blur out the background which is a great effect usually reserved for more expensive cameras.Vintage microphone in Bognor Museum

8. Bognor Arcade

I first moved to Bognor in the late 70s and one of my earliest memories of the town is visiting the arcade for a Wimpy meal. It was built in the early 1900s and the roof is very photogenic from below! View along Bognor's arcade

9. Wooden sculptures in Hotham Park

Hotham Park has some new residents in the form of characters from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Here is the Mad Hatter’s tea party, viewed through the trees. Wooden Mad Hatter's tea party in Hotham Park

10. Jacqueline Hooton

My next example of Bognor’s best Instagram spots is a person!  I see this lady along the prom all the time and one day stopped for a chat.  Her name is Jacqueline Hooton and she is a fitness professional with her own business called HerGardenGym.   I often see her running or cycling early in the morning, but it’s the Elliptigo which caught my eye as I’d never seen one before.  It looks brilliant fun and I really want one.  I did ask permission before taking this photo!HerGardenGym owner Jacqueline Hooton riding her Elliptigo along Bognor prom

I was then lucky to visit Jacqueline’s gym (in her garden) and it’s a quiet and peaceful spot where she works her clients hard with lots of fab equipment!  To find out more here is the website for HerGardenGym.  Jacqueline shares lots of fitness tips on her Instagram feed as @hergardengym. Dumbells in a rack at HerGardenGym

11. Middleton Sunrise

I spend a lot of time at the Felpham end of the prom where I love taking photos of the sun rising over Middleton. Sunrise over Felpham beach

It’s great when the tide is out as you can walk or run all the way to Elmer beach. Middleton beach at sunrise

This shot of an outlet pipe at sunrise is a great example of catching the beach at the right time of day.  The sun is peeping over the large Elmer rocks and the ripples of water produce a lovely effect in the foreground under the silhouette of the pipe. Elmer beach at sunrise

12. Felpham Beach Huts

I think this is my favourite of Bognor’s best instagram spots, and it’s best taken early in the morning with cornflower blue skies in the background.  In the evening there are shadows cast in the foreground from the fence which sits just beyond the beach huts, so morning is definitely better. View between blue beach huts at Felpham

13. The pod at the Beachcroft Hotel

Just around the corner from the beach huts is the Beachcroft Hotel.  I was amazed how many times I walked past the hotel before I noticed the pod!  It’s a great spot for watching the world go by while sipping a cool drink or enjoying a cup of tea in the garden.  I love the uninterrupted view of the sea and you really feel like you’re on holiday on a summer’s day. The pod outside the Beachcroft Hotel in Felpham The Beachcroft has the only beach-side garden serving Sussex cream teas and afternoon tea.  I have a weakness for sweet treats and there’s nothing better than scones, jam and clotted cream! You can check out the Beachcroft Hotel’s latest deals via here or see their website or Facebook page to book your own treat in the garden.  Non-residents are welcome and I will be testing the afternoon tea soon and posting the photos on Instagram!  Sussex cream tea at the Beachcroft Hotel

14. More beach huts!

Everyone loves a beach hut photo and I like to make use of the panoramic option on my phone to make a straight line of huts look more interesting.  This works effectively for the ones next to the sailing club first thing in the morning on a sunny day.  One day I’ll go out at sunset and see how they look against the lovely pink hues you get at dusk. Yellow beach huts at Felpham The blue beach huts are one of Bognor’s best Instagram spots and look so dramatic with the broken clouds behind them.  Using the panoramic option again gives the central huts more focus and produces a wide angle viewpoint. Bognor's best Instagram sports include these blue beach huts with colourful clouds in the background

15. William Blake sign

A few yards away from the seafront is the Fox Inn, which is where William Blake was arrested in 1803.  Blake wrote the words to Jerusalem, which started as a poem called “And did those feet in ancient time…”.  Music was added in 1916 to create the hymn we all know and love. Blake’s crime, for which he was arrested in the Fox’s doorway, was “making seditious remarks” about the King.  This means he was inciting people to rebel against the monarch, which was actually a trumped-up charge by soldiers posted in the village whilst protecting the coast from Napoleon’s forces.   The soldiers and Blake had probably crossed paths whilst drunk and so ended up having a row in the pub.  Luckily, due to a lack of evidence and thanks to positive character witnesses Blake was acquitted – but it’s a great story to have as part of our local history in a pub we visit regularly. William Blake blue sign outside the Fox Inn in Felpham Did I mention I like a sweet treat?  I’m honestly really healthy most of the time!  But I get tempted by sweet scrumminess like the gorgeous dessert below. We actually go to the Fox just for pudding some evenings, and now they sell a range of ice cream flavours there’s even more temptation on offer.  I love their rocky road flavour but this strawberry sundae got a massive thumbs up from my husband! Visit their website or Facebook page to check out the menu and how you can have a free ice cream at lunchtimes in the week.  Strawberry sundae and pint of Peroni at the Fox Inn, Felpham


16. Breakwater at Snook’s Corner

Before we leave Felpham, I must mention my favourite breakwater!  Yes, this barnacle-covered beauty is aesthetically perfect to me.  It is hidden away in Snook’s Corner, which is just past the Beachcroft, before you get to Butlin’s.  You can only get up close when the tide is out and there’s nowhere better, or more private, than sitting under the beach wall on a summer’s day. Breakwater at Snooks Corner, Felpham

17. Bognor Lifeguards 

Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer months between Easter and September.  When I saw them in July the beach was busy with families enjoying the sun and splashing about in the sea.  It’s a quintessentially British resort and Bognor is officially the sunniest place in the UK! Lifeguard station on Bognor beach

18. A stunning rainbow!

This was a great Instagram photo but not one you can really replicate easily! I was driving to pick up my son from school in London Road when the skies cleared and a beautiful rainbow formed.  I had to stop and take a photo and although it wasn’t at its peak I still managed to catch it before it disappeared completely. Rainbow over the shops in London Road, Bognor

19. View from Bognor Pier

I’m going to finish where I started, at the pier.  This view, out towards the English Channel early in the morning, makes such a peaceful and scenic photo. End of the pier at Bognor Regis The seaweed clinging to the ironworks makes for an interesting photo when the tide is out. Seaweed hanging off the ironworks of Bognor pier It’s nice to frame the view with the ironwork from the pier, and as the sun is getting low in the sky the light is beautiful when looking east towards Felpham. I would love to see any other local photo spots which are Instagram-worthy so please tag me on Instagram to share your best ones! If you enjoyed Bognor’s best Instagram spots then you may also be interested in these other articles :

If you’re visiting Bognor then check out here to see a range of hotels and guest houses, or see the best deals on their website below. All photos are my copyright and should not be reproduced without my permission.  If you would like to purchase one for use as a stock photo please contact me. This post contains affiliate and sponsored links. If you click on a link, I may get some money at no extra cost to you = I get to write about more stuff I love, yay!

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  1. Derek Welland says:

    Love these pics, but it’s not the Bognor I remember! I was born in Bognor in 1930, and I remember it quite differently! It was much quieter then and much more peaceful. However, times change, and it’s still beautiful. I now live in Canada, and hope to visit later this year! Good luck to all. Derek Welland, Ontario, Canada.

    • AliRichards says:

      Wow, it’s certainly changed a lot, even in the time I’ve lived here. But this year even more so, with better facilities and new shops and restaurants opening make it a great time to visit!

  2. Giulia Ibba says:

    Hi. What a great blog! Definitely the most comprehensive (plus interesting, well-written and accompanied by beautiful photos) information on Bognor Regis I have been able to find .

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Tim Carter says:

    Great blog with superb photos. This will definitely inspire me to get along the coast to set up a treasure hunt in the town. I didn`t realise there were so many interesting parts to it. Lots of good clue options

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