DISC 86 brochure

The DISC 86 rally took place in Doncaster and was the follow-up to the massive Donnington rally in 85, which was a magnet for scooterists from all over the country.  I wanted to give my readers access to some nostalgia, so although the images below are fairly crudely photographed, if this proves to be popular then I will try and package them up into an e-magazine that can be viewed offline.  For it to survive a rally and then over 30 years in a storage box is a miracle in itself!

I hope you enjoy looking at this and reading the old adverts.  It’s great to be able to see what the scooter prices were, more than 30 years ago!   I’ll have to see if I can find the DISC 85 one now.   If you enjoy reading then please do leave a comment and/or subscribe as that will help me judge what to post in the future.

DISC 86 rally magaine featuring Desmond Dekker, Buster Bloodvessel, Frenzy, The Business and Potato Five


The DISC 86 rally lineup and band timings

Worlds Apart custom vespa

Vespa T5 advert and specification from 1986

Bad Manners and Desmond Dekker from DISC 86 rally magazine

PK50 XL price list and specification from 1986

Bedlam Scooters advert from 1986

The Alien scooter chopper

Spirit Walker custom Lambretta

Armando Scooters advert from 1986

DISC 86 rally custom show entrants

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Doncaster DISC 86 scooter rally programme

Doncaster scooter rally programme including Spirit Walker custom Lambretta scooter

Doncaster scooter rally programme