Isle of Wight 2018 : Part 2 (Saturday)

This is the second part of my Isle of Wight trilogy, which is much more fun than Lord Of The Rings, although I did see a few Gollums over the weekend, but that’s another story…  You can read the first part in my write-up of the Friday when we arrived on the island.

Isle of Wight 2018 – Saturday

We were up bright and early and dragged a bleary-eyed Teddy Edwards downstairs for a hearty breakfast.  The sun was shining and I wanted to make the most of the day so we popped down the road to see a friend of Lee’s and while they were chatting I did a quick photoshoot with Ted.

Scooter rider on blue PX Vespa scooter

Then we headed to Smallbrook with supplies for Rich and Champs who were somewhat damp from the previous night’s downpours.  I felt sorry for them so cheered them up with cans of Stella and John Smith’s, their breakfast of choice!

I had a nice chat with Chris from the Choirboys who was on his way to the shower block, and he posed happily with Champs in his boxers!

As Champs is keen to get some heated grips like mine for his Scomadi, he roped Rich in to fit them so Lee gave him some pointers for the electrical side of things.

Black Vespa GTS scooter

I wandered around the tents while they were wittering on about wires and splicing, to take a few scooter pics, starting with this gorgeous Lambretta with a Castrol theme.

Lambretta with Isle of Wight scooter rally legshield banner

Lambretta headset and flyscreen with Castrol theme

The Lambretta choppers were out in force, including this matt black low rider.

Black Lambretta chopper

I’m always on the lookout for pink scooters for my Pinterest collection and this is a great contender, with lovely paintwork sparkling in the sun!

Pink Lambretta scooter at the Isle of Wight scooter rally 2018

Pink metalflake Lambretta scooter

Vespa GTS scooters on the Smallbrook Stadium campsite

Blue Vespa scooter on the campsite at the Isle of Wight scooter rally

We then headed for the custom show, which I will write about separately, taking in some nice scooter photos on the way.  I love the colour of this Vespa Super!

Green vintage Vespa at the Isle of Wight scooter rally

Green Vespa Super scooter

Although the sun was mainly shining, there were ominous clouds brewing all day and it certainly wasn’t the scorcher we enjoyed in 2017 (which you can read about here).

Scooters parked on the race track at Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde


Green Lambretta

Green and silver Lambretta headset

This GTS with Watsonian sidecar looked really smart and was getting a lot of attention.  The Watsonian is such a cool shape!

Vespa GTS with Watsonian sidecar at the Isle of Wight scooter rally in 2018

We hadn’t seen Dunny or Daz for a long time so there was a bit of footie banter…  Dunny was trying to show off that Leicester had won the premiership and was annoyingly out of earshot when I retorted that Pompey had won the top league TWICE in SUCCESSIVE SEASONS!  Not to mention holding the FA Cup for the longest time…  OK, so there was a war in between but even so, it’s still a great fact!

Turquoise vintage Vespa

It was time to head back into town so I jumped on the back of the GTS to capture some of the new arrivals.  Don’t forget that you can see all of the scooters at Smallbrook here, and order a copy to keep.

Scooters arriving at Smallbrook campsite at the Isle of Wight scooter rally, 2018

The Lambretta choppers were out in force!

Lambretta chopper at Smallbrook Stadium

Red Lambretta chopper at the 2018 Isle of Wight scooter rally

Black Lambretta chopper arriving at the Isle of Wight scooter rally


Black scooter at the Isle of Wight scooter rally

I don’t know if it’s just because Mark from our club has recently bought an Armando’s scooter but I seem to be seeing more on rallies these days!  I hadn’t seen one for about 30 years and then a few turn up within a couple of months…
Armando's custom Vespa arriving at Smallbrook Stadium for the Isle of Wight scooter rally in 2018

Black and gold Armando's Vespa scooter

We rode to the green to see how busy it was and there were already plenty of people down there.  I love just wandering around there, looking at scooters and catching up with people.

Scooter riders on Ryde esplanade

I also took some video footage!  Here’s the first one but there’s more on YouTube and further down in this article.

I press-ganged the shy, retiring John and Lee Barnett into posing for a photo!

John and Lee Barnett from A5 scooter club

This Betty Boop Vespa had some serious storage space on the back!

Betty Boop Vespa

Betty Boop Vespa flyscreen

Betty Boop mural on a Vespa toolbox

Lee’s chopper attracted many admiring glances!

Meat is Murder Lambretta chopper

Lambretta with stickers on the front


Brown Lambretta scooter

Blue Vespa smallframe scooter

Side view of blue smallframe VespaThis lovely Lambretta features a Stone Roses theme.  It’s owned by John Henderson from Scunthorpe and is a TS1 225 with airbrushing by John Drayton from Colorworx.

Green Stone Roses Lambretta

The side panel flashings, headlight grill, choke and fuel levers are by K2 Customs.

Stone Roses green Lambretta side panel

The seat is by Retro Refits in Scunthorpe.  John is working on a top secret new project which sounds very exciting!

This purple Lambretta was at Smallbrook the previous day and I couldn’t resist another photo on the green.

Purple Lambretta


Sky blue Lambretta scooter

This matt black Lambretta has King Kurt and Guanabatz images and is a real low rider.

Black ratty Lambretta scooter
Lambretta chopper with King Kurt and Guanabatz theme at the Isle of Wight scooter rally, 2018

This scooter / car hybrid by Garagista Sean Robinson was getting a lot of attention.  I will add it to my scooter oddities page because it certainly qualifies!  Sean is based in Poole and welds together different parts from different cars, motorcycles and scooters, to create rideable machines.  There is actually a Vespa underneath the bodywork!

Garagista scooter hybrid

Sean Robinson's Scootacar oddityYou can read more about Sean in this SLUK feature, and I can’t wait to see what his next creation is…

Green hybrid of a Morris Oxford car with a Vespa PX scooter

Scooters with Farnborough Hurricanes legshield banners

Blue Vespa GTS with James Bond Licensed To Kill theme

Yellow Lambretta with black stripes on the legshields

Yellow Lambretta with Targa theme

I took photos of this Roy Lichtenstein Lambretta in the custom show a few years ago but it was great to see it outside, and get a closer look.  It’s owned by Pete Sawczuk, from Silhouettes LC, and the paint is by Dave Dickinson and the seat is from Jon Corcoran.

Roy Lichtenstein custom pop art Lambretta

Lichtenstein Lambretta side panel with paint by Dave Dickenson

Custom Lambretta scooter seat by Jon Corcoran on the Roy Lichtenstein themed Lambretta

Headset and toolbox from the pop art themed Roy Lichtenstein Lambretta

My second video from the green features close ups of this scooter and many more!

We then went for a ride around the island for lunch, which was so nice and what I love doing on this rally.  The countryside is spectacular and there are so many gorgeous views!  Read about the best scenery and places to eat in my Isle of Wight scooter rally top tips post.

Back on the green and a few of our gang had arrived including Gary Brice who hasn’t been to the rally for years!  He and Linda were staying in Sandown along with many other scooterists.

Gary Brice on custom Lambretta LI scooter

I then bumped into Carla and her posse of lovely ladies and we had a fab chat.  A guy then offered to take our photo and we couldn’t stop laughing!

Elliot wanted me to take a pic of him on his Lambretta and he just about managed to stay still for a nanosecond to let me get a decent shot!

Elliot Ede on his Lambretta street style scooter

I must really like this sparkly scooter as I’d already taken a photo of it at Smallbrook!

Green and silver Lambretta

Grey Scomadi scooter with a Specials theme

Gold and black Lambretta with a blue Armando's Vespa

Here’s the lilac Lambretta I’d seen at Smallbrook the previous day.

Lilac and white Lambretta with flyscreen

Here’s Paul Joliffe’s colourful Lambretta!

Jigsaw Lambretta on the green at Ryde at the Isle of Wight scooter rally, 2018

It seems to be a tradition that I see the PRATs enjoying an ice cream on Ryde esplanade…

PRAT scooter club at the Isle of Wight rally

Then Snowy and Gail grabbed me to take the traditional anniversary photo of them outside the Lud, where it all started!  Don’t they make a lovely couple?

Here’s another custom scooter which has been around for a few years, with a Man City / Oasis theme.

Oasis themed custom Vespa scooter

Talking of Manchester…  Stone Roses scooters are like buses aren’t they?

Stone Roses themed Lambretta

Red Lambretta featuring Stone Roses murals

Red Lambretta with a Stone Roses theme

Supertune custom Lambretta scooter

Orange Lambretta scooter

This old Heinkel Tourist was restored beautifully.

Vintage Heinkel Tourist scooter

Heinkel Tourist scooter at the Isle of wight scooter rally

I hadn’t seen A5 Liam for a long time so it would lovely to have a chat with him and his wife.  He was on his Kawasaki-engined scoot, pictured below!

Matt black scooter

Scooter with Kawasaki engine

Nita and Theresa were enjoying the sun!

Mod scooter at the Isle of Wight scooter rallyOK, so I have a confession to make.  I’m sure not many people will read this bit, as they will skim through the pictures trying to spot themselves or their scooter.  So not many will read this embarrassing story.  The first time I came to the rally was in 1982, aged 15.  I didn’t know anyone who’d passed their test so me and my mate Deb got the train to Portsmouth and then came over on the passenger ferry (in the days before the catamaran).  It dropped us at the end of the pier and we walked down to the green where there were hundreds of scooters gathered.  It was incredible, we’d gone to heaven, two little mods with loads of scooters to gawp at.  I actually thought that this was the Isle of Wight scooter rally.  There were even a couple of tents there that day, I’m positive!  I’m not actually sure how I got hold of my then-boyfriend, as it was way before mobile phones were invented, but somehow we hooked up and he and his mate popped down on their 50 Specials and took us on the back to Smallbrook.  That’s when I realised just how big the rally was.  Scooters and tents as far as the eye could see!  I felt so silly for thinking that the rally was in Ryde town centre.  And now I’m still here, over 35 years later, still gawping at scooters on the green!

Scooters on the green in Ryde

We then rode back up the hill to the hotel, where I paused again to take photos of rows of scooters.  I love this one, with so many Lambrettas all lined up perfectly!

Row of Lambrettas outside Yelf's hotel

View down Union Street in Ryde with scooters in the foreground

Gail loved this vintage Vespa and I’m gutted I didn’t take more photos!

Vespa flyscreen

Pink custom Lambretta

Pink Arthur Francis Lambretta

Street racer style Lambretta

PKs seem to be quite rare these days, and this one featured a cuddly Basil Brush!

Vespa PK with Basil Brush tied to the backrest

Row of Lambrettas outside Yelfs

Lambrettas in Ryde

We chilled for a bit and then headed out for the evening.  Snowy found some mates outside the hotel…

And I bumped into JB outside the Lud…

We caught the bus up to Smallbrook to see the bands.   First on were the Long Tall Texans!  They entertained an enthusiastic crowd with their punchy psychobilly sounds.

Long Tall Texans at the Isle of Wight scooter rally

Long Tall Texans drummer

Long Tall Texans

Long Tall Texans

Daz and the gang played some top tunes between the bands.

Disco Daz DJ

Then it was time for headliners Jam DRC who went down a storm!  I kept popping to the dancefloor, mainly to the tracks from Setting Sons.
The Jam DRC


The Jam DRC

Some of the appreciative audience who were enjoying themselves inwardly, despite the grimaces!

And that was it for the Saturday of the Isle of Wight scooter rally 2018!  The third part of the trilogy will be available in the next few days which are my photos and review of the custom show, along with the results.

Don’t forget to check out the website for Smallbrook arrivals to see whether you can find yourself on there! There are photos of the rideout too.

My most popular post ever is my Isle of Wight Scooter Rally tips, and once the 2019 rallies are announced I will be updating it with new info from this year, if the IOW is back on the calendar.

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  1. August 29, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    Love your early rally story. Got me thinking about my first IOWs, it always rained long enough to get us soaked then the sun would come out. No change now eh!

    • AliRichards
      August 29, 2018 / 10:19 pm

      Indeed, and we got so wet one year we went home on the Saturday morning and just as we docked in Portsmouth the sun came out and was scorching all weekend!

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