Isle of Wight Custom Show

Here is the third and final post about the Isle of Wight scooter rally in 2018 and it concentrates on just the custom show.  This year’s custom show was held in the marquee which for me was good because I much prefer natural light for the photos, although some of the scooters were parked quite close together so I couldn’t get decent close-ups of them.

The results are posted near to the bottom, in green, if you’d like to see which scooters won the various classes.

As well as the photos, I managed to get some video footage before it was properly open, so although not all of the scooters are in situ it did give me great access to the majority of them!  I actually didn’t realise it wasn’t open until Tori started shooing people out in a very firm manner, so that’s why it speeds up towards the end while I was manically trying to get as many scooters as possible.  Any that were missed are hopefully covered below, and vice versa if I missed getting still photos then they are in the video!

Video footage of the Isle of Wight custom show 2018

As this page is just about the custom show, you can read about the rest of my Isle of Wight story by clicking on the links below :

  • Isle of Wight Friday, including boarding the ferry, the Smallbrook stalls and a few scooters on the green
  • Isle of Wight Saturday, including some lovely scooters at Smallbrook and top custom scooters on the green

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Isle of Wight Custom Show 2018

Rule Britannia is owned by Don Garratt from Ilkeston Britannia SC.  It’s such a gorgeous example of the classic AF Super ‘S’ Type styling.   The spec is long but includes a Cyclone 5 speed RB240 engine, a 62mm race crank, 6 plate Surflex clutch, 71mm Wossner piston and Diablo tank.  It was originally built by Ben Kemp, sprayed by Ray Kemp, and some parts were added more recently by Rob Miller at Simply Retro including a Varitronic ignition and 35mm Mikuni carb.

Red and blue AF Rayspeed custom Lambretta

The eyecatching paintwork is Vreeble over full flake and Don is very much in the ‘ridden not hidden’ brigade which I fully support!

Rule Britannia custom Lambretta in red, silver and blue vreeble paintwork over metalflake base

The display at the top of the show features Brain Freeze in the foreground.  The attention and detail of the paintwork is impeccable, with the bodywork gaps at an absolute minimum and all the intricate lines finished to an exacting standard.  The credit for this goes to Riding Dirty Customs, who did a superb job.

Brain Freeze blue custom Lambretta

Top Banana Re-Peeled is a Vespa chop owned by Daz from Leicester.   It was a great display which includes pictures, patches and banana-flavoured alcoholic beverages!

Side view of Top Banana custom Vespa chopper at the Isle of Wight custom show 2018

There are bananas everywhere on the scooter, including hanging off the handlebars!

Top Banana Re-Peeled custom Vespa

I love the exhaust!

Vespa engine with radical exhaust on the Top Banana scooter



Fyffes mural on the front of the yellow scooter called Top Banana


Top Banana custom scooter with pictures, bottles of banana alcoholic drinks and various other items on display

Next is Majestic Realms, a stunning Lambretta with a ton of engraving and beautiful paintwork.

Majestic Realms custom Lambretta with engraved engine, horncasting and fantasy murals.

I love the fact that it still has a tax disc holder, and it now contains a skull!

Front legshields of Majestic Realms custom Lambretta with stunning murals and engraving

There’s great attention to detail on the murals.

Close up view of a side panel on the Majestic Realms custom Lambretta

Here is The Troubles, designed and owned by ex-soldier Aaron Mitchel, with the theme representing his time in Northern Ireland, including his own regiment as well as both sides of the political divide there.

The Troubles custom Lambretta

Murals include Unionist and Nationalist figures, with their respective symbols.

Custom Lambretta The Troubles with regimental flag in the background

Aaron’s uniform is cleverly weaved into the theming too, with medals, buckles and badges included.  You can see the realistic buckles on the toolbox door in the photo below.

Lambretta side panel from The Troubles custom Lambretta

Ratfink is a cutdown Lambretta with the theme inspired by the character by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a hotrod car builder.

Ratfink custom cutdown Lambretta




Cutdown legshield on the Ratfink custom Lambretta



Ratfink murals on matching scooter and crash helmet

This Vespa PX pays tribute to Detroit soul stars from the Motown era.

Red custom Vespa with Motown themed murals of various soul stars

There are fantastic murals of various singers, and lovely theming throughout.

Front legshields on custom Vespa with murals of the front of the Motown building with Hitsville USA on a sign above the door

Another PX, this custom Vespa is This Is England.

Custom Vespa PX This Is England


This is England custom Vespa PX at the Isle of Wight custom show in 2018

The Beast is an example of awesome engineering, and is a hybrid which includes a Piaggio X9 500cc auto with Vespa bodywork.

The Beast auto scooter is a Piaggio X9 in all black

It’s certainly a scary looking machine!

Piaggio X9 500cc scooter called The Beast

Keith Newman, of K2 Engineering fame, built this street racer Lambretta.  You can see much better photos of it on my Friday write-up here when it was parked by the K2 stall.

K2 Customs street style Lambretta in green and white

Another Keith Newman Lambretta, with many K2 accessories.

Orange and cream Lambretta


Orange and cream Lambretta with spare wheel behind the legshields and liquid hydrogen cannister

Meet Bettie!  She is a beautiful example of a restored Lambretta LD150.

Green and white Lambretta LD


Front legshield on vintage Lambretta LD150



Lambretta LD in pale green and white with a twin seat

From a classic Lambretta to a vintage Vespa.   This GS is in pristine condition with a navy and white finish, and described as ‘well ridden’ by its owner!

White Vespa GS scooter with navy horncast

Another GS, this one is in black and chrome.

Vespa GS with black paintwork and chrome mudguard and panels

There was a big display by the Lambretta chopper owners club, with Incognito below.

Lambretta chopper with Incognito on the petrol tank

Leather covered Lambretta chopper at the Isle of Wight custom show

Orange Lambretta chopper


Lambretta chopper with jigsaw shapes and lettering in the paintwork

White Lambretta chopper

There was a great turnout of choppers this year.

This orange chop has a Warner Brothers cartoon theme with Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse and Woody Woodpecker featured!

Orange Lambretta chop


Orange custom Lambretta chopper

Discworld is a tribute to author Sir Terry Pratchett

Front legshield of Discworld which features Sir Terry Pratchett and fantasy murals



Discworld Lambretta inspired by Terry Pratchett

Twisted Soul is a psychedelic Vespa with hypnotic paintwork!  It’s owned by Paul Le Brocq from Purple Hearts SC in Jersey.  It’s a Rally 200 Electronic and was originally a £200 barn find.   The paint is by Dave Dickinson, with engraving by Adi Clarke and Quality Chrome supplying the shiny bits.  Paul’s mate, Jimmy Worboys, built it for him, and there are specialised parts from K2 and a local firm, Steve Rylance Ltd.

Twisted soul Vespa with chrome panels and mudguard, pink stripy paintwork and accessories

It’s a very distinctive, psychodelic paint job.

Twisted Soul custom Vespa with swirly pink paintwork

This was the only Vespa street racer on display.

Vespa street racer with murals of Movistar, Yamaha and Monster Energy

It’s never too late for a bit of polish!

Movistar Vespa street racer

This classic LI has been on the scene for a few years and still looks lovely.

Lambretta LI 150 at the isle of wight custom show in 2018

So many Series 1s are simply restored, or given traditional paint jobs, and whilst they are lovely scooters I really like it when they’re given a full custom theme like this example below.

Custom scooters on display at the Isle of Wight custom show, with Keeps On Burning in the foreground
It is called Keeps On Burning and has lovely blue flames with fantasy creatures woven into them.

Keeps On Burning custom Lambretta

Series 1 Lambretta front legshields with flame murals and fantasy figures in blue

Series 1 Lambretta, Keeps On Burning, front legshield murals and mini flyscreen
The seats are magnificent!

Keeps on Burning custom Lambretta with twin seats

We were on the ferry with this cute little 1967 Vespa 90 Super Sprint which still has its original paintwork.

Vespa 90 Super Sprint in red

Gina, the owner, is from Littlehampton and her other half prefers a more pristine finish for his silver GS!

Red Vespa 90 Super Sprint with Silver GS

Another cartoon theme for this classic Vespa, in the shape of Grumpy.

Custom Vespa with Grumpy mural

The Sentinal is another custom Vespa with lovely murals and engraving.

The Sentinel custom Vespa

It has interesting engineering on the spare wheel and cutout side panel.

Cutout side panel on The Sentinel Vespa


Floor mat on The Sentinel

There are some lovely details on this Elvis-themed Vespa, not least the records in the hubs.

Black Vespa with an Elvis Presley theme and display

The murals feature the man himself as well as lyrics from his songs.

Vespa front legshields with Elvis Presley murals

The display was great, including various album covers and other Elvis memorabilia.

Black Vespa side panel featuring murals of Elvis Presley, with display of album covers underneath

A mini Elvis status was also a feature of the display!

A mini statue of Elvis with Elvis-themed scooter in the background

It’s nice to see a muralled auto in the custom show and this GT125 features a Spartacus theme.

Row of scooters at the Isle of Wight custom show, with Spartacus in the foreground

Everything has been customised including the top box and seat.

Side view of yellow customised Vespa GTS with a Spartacus theme

Front legshields on Spartacus Vespa GTS


Front mudguard with Spartacus murals on custom Vespa GTS scooter


Rear view of Spartacus custom Vespa GTS

Another Lambretta chopper, this one is called Old Skool.

Red Lambretta chopper, Old Skool

As its name suggests, it’s an old school style and with lots of chrome engine details.

Chrome engine on Old Skool custom Lambretta chopper


This three wheeler has a pickup body, which in this case is carrying another scooter on the back!  I wonder what its top speed is?

It would be ideal for a touring holiday!

Three wheeled early Lambretta with trailer, with a Model D Lambretta on the trailer

Here’s a still from the video footage I filmed which you can see on YouTube here.

View of the scooters in the Isle of Wight custom show marquee

Now here is a scooter with a brilliant back story which I will be writing about more, including an interview with the owner.

Vespa PX with Slug mural on the horncover from Creature Comforts, featuring Gary Dodson as a voiceover artist

Gary Dodson was the voice of the slug in one of the Aardman Productions animated Creature Comfort episodes.

Vespa side panel featuring murals of Creature Comforts slug characters

Gary’s scooter is very personal as it features images of the characters including himself, his slug co-star who has sadly passed away, and his ex-partner and daughter.  Watch this space for a special feature on Gary and more details about this unique scooter.

Creature Comforts murals of slugs on custom Vespa

Here’s a beautiful example of a classic white Vespa.

White Vespa

Soul Surfer is a TV175 Series 2 owned by Trev Mason.  The story behind it is incredible and you can read about it here.  In summary, he bought a pair of Lambrettas in 1981 for £25 and this one was then stored in a chicken shed until 2000 when Trev started customising it.

Blue custom Lambretta TV175 Soul Surfer featuring a Cali 50s styling and surfing branding

It has a 50s California Caddi/surfing theme, with the blue paintjob representing the sea and the yellow on the inside of the legshields and floorboards matching Trev’s 50s surfboard.

Soul Surfer Lambretta TV175

This Beatles-inspired Vespa has been on the scene for a few years and is still incredibly eyecatching with its awesome murals and engraving.

Custom Vespa featuring Beatles murals

The next two scooters remember fallen soldiers who have given their lives to fight for their country.  The first includes images of soldiers who fell in various conflicts, including the Falkland War, Korea and Northern Ireland.

Custom Vespa PX scooter featuring images of soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for their country


Custom Vespas on display at the Isle of Wight custom show

The second, Flanders Fields, depicts graves and images from Ypres, scene of some of the heaviest battles in World War II.   Both scooters are very thought-provoking, with powerful images and words.

Vespa scooter with murals depicting fallen soldiers at the Flanders Field battles

Versions of this bright yellow Vespa PX can be seen all over Spain, as they are postal delivery bikes for the Spanish version of the Post Office.  It is the national delivery service and wouldn’t it brighten up the streets of Britain if our posties used a similar form of transport?

Yellow Correos delivery Vespa scooter on display at the Isle of Wight custom show

Start Me Up has won countless trophies over the years and is one of the best custom scooters ever, in my opinion!

Legshield murals of the Rolling Stones on the front of custom Lambretta Start Me Up, on display at the Isle of Wight custom show

This scooter has a great history, with the owner selling the original version and then re-buying it and building what we see here.  Scooternova has a great blog post telling the story which you can read here.

Side panel, engine and toolbox cover from Start Me Up, with Rolling Stones murals

The plating and engraving is awesome, as you can see here.

Start Me Up, custom Lambretta, legshields and headset with murals of the Rolling Stones

And finally, this leopardskin-themed Lambretta!

Leopardskin scooter at the Isle of Wight custom show

Isle of Wight Custom Show Results

Here are all the classes, sponsors and winners, with massive thanks to VFM organiser Tori for sharing them with me.

First Time Entrant (Crusader Promotions)

Winner : Brain Freeze

Mod / Accessories (Lexham)

Winner : Twisted Soul

Vintage Lambretta Pre 1965 (LCGB)

Winner : GAS 143 S1 Framebreather

Restored Lambretta (LCOC)

Winner : LD150 Betsie

Best Ridden Scooter (Northern Gary Cordon Memorial £50 SLUK)

Winner : Rule Britannia S Type

Street Racer (Lexham Insurance)

Winner : Duckhams TV 175

Mural (Lexham Insurance)

Winner : Start Me Up

Vinyl / Graphics (Classic Racks)

Winner : Soul Surfer

Best Auto (On Two Wheels Magazine)

Winner : Spartacus GT

Engraving (SIP Scooter Centre)

Winner : Majestic Realms

Display (Colchester DVLC)

Winner : Top Banana

Champion of Champions (VFM* J Bolland Memorial Trophy)

Winner : Start Me Up

Cutdown (BSSO)

Winner : Rat Fink

Original Scooter (Photography UK)

Winner : GS150 VDL 243

Vintage Vespa Pre 1972 (Classic Scooterist)

Winner : GS150 338 UYX

Custom Vespa (All Or Nothing SC, Coventry)

Winner : The Sentinal

Restored Vespa (VCB)

Winner : GS160 BDL 43B

Best Chop (Distant Echo SC)

Winner : Old Skool

Best Oddity (Macca & Dobbins Scooter Repairs)

Winner : Top Banana

Street Racer Vespa (Vespa Owners Club)

Winner : Rossi Replica

Best Paintwork (Scootronics)

Winner : The Troubles

Best Hybrid (Steve Bywater Memorial Trophy – Olympics SC)

Winner : The Beast

Best Engineering (Lexham Insurance)

Winner : Rhapsody In Chains

Best Plating (Mansfield Monsters SC)

Winner : The Troubles

Best Paintwork (Scootronics)

Winner : Start Me Up

Exhibitor’s Choice (Adam Of London)

Winner : Soul Surfer

Punter’s Choice (Scootering Magazine)

Twisted Soul

Best In Show (Scooter Nova £50 cash prize)

Winner : Brain Freeze


And finally…  Although it wasn’t an official custom show entrant, I do love a rusty scooter and Daz’s Lambretta is a fine example, advertising Crusader Promotions perfectly!

Crusader Promotions rusty Lambretta side panel and artwork


Crusader Promotions Lambretta at the Isle of Wight scooter rally

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Isle of Wight custom show!  To read the first two parts of my Isle of Wight story, click on the links below :

  • Isle of Wight Friday, including boarding the ferry, the Smallbrook stalls and a few scooters on the green
  • Isle of Wight Saturday, including some lovely scooters at Smallbrook and top custom scooters on the green

Don’t forget to check out the website for Smallbrook arrivals to see whether you can find yourself on there! There are photos of the rideout too.

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