Lambretta Choppers

Lambretta choppers come in all shapes and sizes and this blog features many ‘modern’ examples; when I say modern, they’re from this century as opposed to the 80s.  If you want to see some 80s custom scooters, including a few Lambretta choppers, check out my 80s blogs using this link here and here.

I really have to start with my husband’s multi-trophy-winning Lambretta chopper, Meat Is Murder.  It will be featuring in a blog of its own soon, but here are a few pics to start with.

Lee built the original Meat Is Murder in the late 80s but gave it a complete overhaul around 2007/2008.  He had it resprayed, had extra engraving, chroming and murals done and did extra fabrication.  He had the engine rebuilt and tuned by Taffspeed too.

One of the best Lambretta choppers on the scooter scene is Meat Is Murder

It can be a bit of a faff on the Isle of Wight ferry as he has to tether it to the side, or to my scooter, with lots of padding to stop the precious paintwork from being damaged.

Meat Is Murder shown on the Isle of Wight ferry leaving Portsmouth by the Spice Island pub

It gets lots of attention on the green in Ryde and looks lovely with the shiny chrome twinkling in the sunlight!

Meat Is Murder on the green at Ryde

So although Meat Is Murder is my number 1 in the list of Lambretta choppers, here are many others I’ve photographed over the years.

This is Clockwork Orange, from a Camber Sands rally.

Clockwork Orange Lambretta chopper

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Orange petrol tank with Clockwork Orange airbrushing feature

This chopper was built by Barry Eglen from Norfolk.  I was unsure whether to include it here or on my oddities page!  I’ve added it to both but included more photos on oddities which you can see here.

Orange retro-style Lambretta chopper with silver skull on the front

Image courtesy of Barry Eglen

This is from the Isle of Wight custom show and I love the shape and petrol tank artwork!

Lambretta chopper with shark petrol tank

Lambretta choppers don’t have to be chrome and shiny – you can’t beat a matt black one sometimes for an old school style.

Matt black rat Lambretta chopper

There isn’t much room for murals on a chop so the petrol tank tends to be the main place to put them.

I love it when people are creative with a theme for their Lambretta chopper.

Lambretta choppers have so many different styles and lengths of extended frames and forks.  This US-themed one has very long forks!

USA themed Lambretta chopper on display at the Isle of Wight scooter rally custom show

White Lambretta chopper with USA flag featured on the petrol tank

Petrol tank shapes can vary on Lambretta choppers – this one is a prismatic shape.  It is called The Hunted and was formerly The Hunter And The Hunted.

Green Lambretta chopper with chrome engine

The Hunted Lambretta chopper, formerly known as The Hunter and The Hunted

This is a really radical example, at a Woolacombe rally.

Radical white Lambretta chopper on display at the Woolacombe scooter rally custom show

Side view of white radical Lambretta chopper

This is a cute one, with a King Kurt theme.  These pics were taken in the early 2000s, some at the Brighton Ace Cafe rideout and some at a Camber Sands rally.

King Kurt Lambretta chopper shown at the Ace Cafe Brighton rideout

King Kurt Lambretta chopper engraved headset

I love this one, which is owned by a lad from Coventry – it’s quite a traditional shape with really long forks and frame.

This is Lobby’s and is fairly radical!  I wouldn’t fancy riding too far on that seat!

There are many types of forks used for Lambretta choppers – either original ones, lengthened, or some like this example which has used motorbike forks.

I like this – it reflects the style of many Lambretta choppers!

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Lambretta choppers.  I will be writing another similar blog soon as I have plenty more photos, but if you have one you’d like to have featured then get it touch with me and I’ll include it next time.  There is a website dedicated to this very subject too, you can visit them at

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The best Lambretta chopper scooters featuring Meat Is Murder



    • AliRichards
      May 17, 2018 / 8:44 pm

      I will add a link! 🙂

  1. Lee
    July 18, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Nice to see my chop featured , my favourite type of custom scooters .
    You only have to take a peek in my garage to see that less is more as far as cutting down scooters is concerned 😉

    • AliRichards
      July 18, 2018 / 7:17 pm

      It’s a very interesting scooter to photograph as there are so many little details. Can’t wait to see what your next custom scooter will be like!

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