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Have you ever fancied trying something different?  Have you heard of escape rooms?  They are a new, fun activity and are a unique experience for a small group, whether it’s with friends, family or a teambuilding exercise with work colleagues.  I went to London recently for a day trip and as we had a spare couple of hours in the morning I thought I’d try one out.

I used TripAdvisor and Google to find one which would be suitable, both in terms of location and being family-friendly for my 10 year old son. Quite a few escape rooms are for adults only, so I had to be careful to choose one which worked for us.   Here is a link to the Top 10 London Escape Rooms on TripAdvisor.

Enigma Quests escape game

The one which ticked my boxes was run by Enigma Quests so I booked their ‘million pound heist’ experience, which is actually breaking INTO a room rather than trying to escape OUT.

The Million pound bank heist at Enigma Quests in London

Based near Liverpool Street station, the Enigma Quests escape game has two experiences currently.  One has a Harry Potter-styled theming (which was fully booked when we visited), and the other was the bank heist game.  There is another space-themed one coming soon too.

I can’t give too much away about what you do inside the room as it would spoil the fun but the general principle is the same in all escape games.   You need to solve puzzles, some mental and some physical, to get to the end point.  The gamesmasters are available to help if needed, and at certain points they will intevene to give you clues if they see you struggling to solve a problem.  It’s like a cross between the Krypton Factor and the Crystal Maze.

The entrance to the Enigma Quests escape game



The door to the million pount bank heist escape game

You enter the room, the clock starts ticking, and then the game begins. In our case we had to initially search the room for clues, and then use them to get into further rooms and ultimately a bank vault to break into safefy deposit boxes to steal as much cash as possible.

My group consisted of just three of us, with myself and my two sons aged 22 and 10.  What was brilliant is that we were all involved and worked really well together as a team to find various items and then solve the clues.   As we were new to the whole experience, the Enigma team offered us clues along the way when we were spending too much time trying to get to the next stage.  We only had 60 minutes in the room so time was of the essence.  The actual theming of the rooms was brilliant as it was really like a bank vault, at least like how you would expect one to be!

We managed solve the clues, got inside the bank vault, and stole £429,000 which is nearly double the average of £250,000!  Not bad for first-timers to this type of game!  Having said that, we missed some really obvious clues and should have actually retrieved more of the £1,200,000 available.

After we finished, the team at the Enigma Quests escape game took a couple of photos afterwards and these were emailed to me within the hour.  These are included in the price which cost £90 for the three of us, but if there are more people taking part then the cost per person reduces.

We stole over £400,000 at the Enigma Quests million pound heist escape game in London

I can see why these experiences are so popular as it was brilliant fun.  I can’t wait to do more escape rooms now and will probably try one in Brighton next.  There are plenty of deals available on discount sites like Wowcher, details of which are below.

Wowcher Deals!

Wowcher have huge discounts for all kinds of experiences, including escape rooms.  At the time of writing there were deals available at a bargain price of only £49 for a group of 4 people, using the links below :-

However, if these have now expired, then it’s worth keeping an eye out as they have locations all over the country including Bournemouth, Brighton, Nottingham, Southampton, Derby and many more!

Here are some useful links to find out more about escape games :

If you are in the UK on holiday then other great things to do include visiting Brighton’s street art and learning to paddle board on a canal in scenic Chichester.

If you’re planning to visit London, then Booking.com have some great deals!


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