Best paste up street art in Brighton and Shoreditch

When I think of street art it’s usually graffiti and wall murals which spring to mind, but paste up street art is increasingly grabbing my attention.  It’s hard to miss in places such as Brighton and Shoreditch where all types of street art are prolific.

I recently did a street art walking tour in Shoreditch which was superb and I would highly recommend it.  I will be writing about it more in the future but here is a link if you want to check out Alternative London street art tours for more information.

Paste up street art

Paste up street art is an underground platform for political and social commentary around the world, and although murals and graffiti can sometimes have a political edge, they tend to be more at the abstract and creative end of the spectrum.

There are a few running themes in both Brighton and Shoreditch in terms of their paste up street art.  Donald Trump is a very popular subject, not surprisingly!  These are from Brick Lane in London.  The first is by SubDude, whose website is here for more of his work.

Donald Trump paste up street art

Donald Trump themed paste up street art in Shoreditch

And on a recent visit to Brighton it’s hard to miss these Trump-based images.  They are plastered all over the North Laine area, up to New England Street.

Donald Trump street art in Brighton


Donald Trump themed street art in Brighton

Paste up street art in Brighton featuring Donald Trump themes

Paste up street art from the North Laine area in Brighton

Brexit is another popular subject and I like this one by SubDude from Shoreditch!

Brexit paste up street art from Shoreditch

And Brighton puts its spin on the subject too.  I think that ‘agents of chaos’ is an apt moniker for the current government, although Trump actually gets more Google hits for the term…

Brexit themed paste up street art in Brighton's North Laine district

The Tories get a dig in this piece by Georgie, from Bristol (see her website here for more examples of her work) which are available to buy.


The Queen is not immune either, with these royal paste up street art masterpieces from Shoreditch.  The first is by Heath Kane, and you can visit his website too for more of his work.

Queen Elizabeth as Batman, paste up street art from Shoreditch

And the next two are by Smiler.

Queen Elizabeth themed paste up street art from Shoreditch

Queen Elizabeth and Fred Perry themed street art from Shoreditch

And then there’s this offering from @polarmermaid, some advice for the Queen for the recent Trump visit.

Paste up street art from Shoreditch by @polarmermaid

BrokeArt, from Brighton, has his own thoughts on a design for the 5p coin which I rather like!

Paste up street art by BrokeArt in Brighton

Another piece from BrokeArt is this series, which I saw a few months ago in Middle Street, Brighton.  Just ponder for a moment what it would look like if Jesus was dancing to the Village People…

Jesus doing YMCA street art in Brighton

Another Brighton-based paste up street artist is Ducey, who creates stencils to produce designs like the Five Go Vegan one below which promote a vegan lifestyle and animal cruelty awareness.  Ducey is originally from South Yorkshire and moved to Brighton in 2010 to attend Sussex University.  The subject of animal rights isn’t one I’ve seen much elsewhere so it’s great that it’s being highlighted in this way.  Ducey is new to street art and stencil design, and has some great work in the pipeline which I can’t wait to share!

Five Go Vegan paste up street art by Ducey

Ducey entered the Brighton Gin Art Prize this year with the design below on a gin bottle which was sold to a vegan cafe in Kent!  I think it’s great when street art is made into more permanent items like that.

This is just the veganning street art by Ducey in Brighton

This is Ducey’s latest piece, Supervegan!  I only spotted one in Trafalgar Street but will keep an eye out for different coloured versions over the forthcoming weeks.

Image of Superman with V on his chest, with title 'Supervegan' above, with Ducey's tag underneath

This piece below is an intro to Brighton’s prolific paster, Minty.   It also has a dash of Ducey underneath!

Minty and Ducey paste up street art in Brighton

Here’s another classic Minty, with hint of Ducey again!

Street art by Minty and Ducey from Brighton

I will now embark on a Minty feast, and I didn’t even mean to take so many photos of his work!  Minty is an American who lives in Brighton and makes his paste up street art in a bedroom at home.  He heads out at night to stick them up, and if you want to see some then Middle Street is a great place, as well as all over the North Laine area.

Minty street art from Brighton

Two colourful elephants by Minty in Brighton

Paste up street art by Minty in Middle Street, Brighton


Meditating buddha street art by Minty in Brighton

Wonder Woman paste up street art by Minty in Brighton

Paste up street art by Minty in Brighton

Elephant street art in Brighton by Minty

Homer Simpson paste up street art in Brighton by Minty

Wonder woman with two tortoises street art by Minty in Brighton

Multiple paste up images by Minty on the shop front of Profile in Brighton

Multiple Wonder Woman images with a breastfeeding lady in the foreground by Minty

This is also from Brighton and is by Limbo1984.

Make art not friends blue text on a white background paste-up

I don’t condone use of the C word, but I do like this piece by Silent Bill Art, and completely agree with its sentiment.  However, I am slightly apprehensive about including this due to the lack of apostrophes as I hate bad grammar!

What's the most offensive C word in the english language - it's cancer - paste up street art in Brighton by Silent Bill

Music is always an inspiration for art and this piece by Voxx in Brick Lane caught my attention.

David Bowie paste up by Voxx in Brick Lane, Shoreditch


‘Natural Order’ is a perfectly symmetrical design by Lily Mixe, and is located on the side of a house in Hoxton.  Lily is from Paris and is inspired by nature.

Natural Order paste up street art in Hoxton by Lily Mixe

These cute little guys reside in Brick Lane and are the work of PinkSwarmi

Three guys playing guitar; paste up street art in Shoreditch

This poster is a protest against national ID cards.

HMP London paste up street art in Shoreditch

And finally, this collection of stickers and paste-ups is near Waterloo Station on the South Bank in London, in an area full of graffiti which is now a skate park.  The main image is by ZombieSqueegee, aka Ben Rider, whose website is here.

Thank God for punk rock street art from London


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  1. August 4, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    Fabulous. I’d never heard of the term paste up before. So these are all posters as such? I do think the Queen suits a Fred Perry!

    • AliRichards
      August 5, 2018 / 5:19 pm

      Yes, they are indeed posters but are called stick ups or paste ups, and use wheatpaste as glue. Now you’ve read this I bet you see them everywhere!

  2. Sam
    August 5, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    Love them, colourful and cool!

    • AliRichards
      August 5, 2018 / 11:06 pm

      Thank you! Yes they certainly are…

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