Solent Cougars Scooter Rally 2018

Sadly we couldn’t stay overnight at the Solent Cougars Scooter Rally so we rode over for the day instead.   It’s a quick spin along the M27 and was so nice to be able to ride to a rally and be confident that you wouldn’t need waterproofs.  Our long hot summer seems to be going on forever, which is great for scooter riders but bad for the grass, as you can see from these photos!

After a leisurely catch-up with Snowy and Gail we ventured to the stalls.  Lee looked at the shiny metal bits and I chatted with Teri England on her vintage stall.  I then grabbed my phone and headed for the rows of scooters, with more arriving all the time.

Some of the photos are a bit hazy like I have vaseline on the lens!  I think it’s just the summer haze, and dust from the footie pitches…

Solent Cougars Scooter Rally 2018

The first scooter is this pristine example of a Series 1 and sidecar.

Green and cream Lambretta Series 1 scooter with sidecar

Series 1 Lambretta with sidecar

Rear view of Lambretta Series 1 and sidecar

I hadn’t realised it was fancy dress, but one scooterist made the effort in this colourful outfit!

Indian fancy dress at the Solent Cougars Scooter Rally 2018

This classic Armando’s-style scooter is an Evo special.  Red and blue Armandos Vespa PX scooter

Next, I was nearly run over by John Barnett who was racing across the field at breakneck speed on his new Lotus-themed Lambretta.  It’s the fastest scooter he’s ever owned apparantly, which is surprising as he’s owned a fair few!  Once I’d got over the shock we had a nice chat and I took a few photos.   It’s a really tidy scooter, with the engine by JB Tuning.

John Barnett on Lotus-themed Lambretta scooter

Cream Lambretta with Lotus theme

Lotus Lambretta scooter

Rear view of Lambretta with Lotus theme

Side panel of Lambretta with Lotus racing theme

Front fairing of Lotus themed street style Lambretta

Side view of Lotus street style Lambretta scooter

I love a nice line of scooters and everyone seemed to park them very neatly!

Row of (mainly) Vespas on the field at the Solent Cougars Scooter Rally 2018

Burgundy Vespa GTS scooter

Rather than stating the obvious about each photo I’m just going to let the rest of the scooters speak for themselves!

Black and silver Lambretta LD

Black and silver Lambretta LD, side view

Lady sitting on a Lambretta LI 200 scooter at the Solent Cougars scooter rally 2018


White Lambretta LI 125 with pale blue horncasting

Blue and white Lambretta LI 125


Bllack Lambretta chopper

Rear view of a Lambretta chopper with black petrol tank

Goat skull on the front of a Lambretta chopper scooter

Rear view of Lambretta chopper


Lambretta with burgundy and gold paint job

Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Front view of burgundy and gold Lambretta SX200

Side view of black Lambretta with EST green ribbon paintwork

Street style Lambretta at the Solent Cougars scooter rally 2018

Grey Series 1 Lambretta on its side stand

Side view of exhaust from a Series 1 Lambretta

I had a really lovely chat with Sandra and then we made Rich join her for the obligatory rally photo!

Sandra and Richard from A5 scooter club

Two LI Lambrettas

Front view of red GP Lambretta

Side view of GP Lambretta with side panel removed, revealing the white powder coated engine

Dark green Vespa Rally scooter

Orange Italjet Dragster scooter

Series 1 Lambretta in mint green

Breaking Glass Lambretta with mural of Hazel O'Connor

Vespa PX with Marmite theme and murals

Side view of Marmite Vespa PX scooter

Marmite themed Vespa PX scooter

Cream Vespa GT scooter with flyscreen

I love this Scomadi screen!  It’s so neat…  It was designed by SLUK and you can check them out here if you fancy one.  If you follow the link then scroll down if you’re on a mobile as it’s not the blank screen that it looks like!

Grey Scomadi with SLUK screen



Front view of grey Scomadi with SLUK screen

Vespa GTS flyscreen

John Barnett from the A5 scooter club

View of scooters and marquee on a field at the Solent Cougars scooter rally 2018

Red and white Lambretta with stickers and a radiator on the front fairings

Rear view of rat rod Lambretta scooter which is covered in stickers and has a Gilera engine

Blue Vespa GTS scooter

Orange Vespa GTS with blue GTS in the background

Cream Vespa chopper scooter

Yellow street racer Lambretta

Yellow Lambretta with Clash theme

Side view of Lambretta with Clash theme

Lambretta featuring record covers from The Clash

The Clash record covers on a yellow Lambretta

Red Vespa GTS with Chelsea fooball badge on the front rack

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Pink Vespa auto

Vespa PX with paisley murals and suitcase on the front rack

Model D scooter

Vintage Model D scooter

Lambretta SX scooter in green and cream

Had a lovely chat with Nick Jolly and can’t wait to hear about his epic trip to Belfast where he raised money for MS.  He has raised over £2200 so far and you can donate using this link – it’s not too late!  The money goes towards research and education into Multiple Sclerosis.

Nick Jolly with his yellow Vespa GTS

Booga is still on crutches!  Sounds like he’s had a bad time of it but is on the mend now, thankfully.

Booga from the A5s

Blue Vespa rally with Seahorses Bounemouth Vespa Club banner

Blue Lambretta cutdown

Here’s Andy Cov Littlewood on his Scomadi

Andy Cov Littlewood on his Scomadi

Grey Scomadi scooter with wrapped toolbox


Front view of grey Scomadi 200cc scooter

Scorpion exhaust on grey Scomadi scooter

I love this blue J Range as you don’t see many of those these days.

Front view of blue J Range Lambretta

Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Blue J Range Lambretta

Here’s a very retro-looking rider in clean white overalls, something you wouldn’t expect from a Lambretta owner!

Scooter rider in white overalls next to a Vintage Lambretta LD

Lambretta LD in cream

Here’s a nice street-style GP in green and black.

Green street-style Lambretta

Green street-style Lambretta

And last, but definitely not least, here are the people who made it all possible!  Thanks to Lou and the team for organising the event.  It was a lovely, chilled rally with an old-school 80s vibe.  Obviously the nice weather helped but it was great to catch up with everyone, meet new people and see some gorgeous scooters.  What more could a girl ask for?

Solent Cougars scooter club rally 2018


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  1. David Relf
    July 22, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    Thank you for attending our rally.

    • AliRichards
      July 22, 2018 / 8:48 pm

      It was brilliant! Nice people, fab scooters and great weather – what more could anyone need?

  2. Ben
    August 12, 2018 / 7:40 pm

    Great pictures. The Green GP is mine, thanks.

    • AliRichards
      August 12, 2018 / 9:41 pm

      Thanks for reading! It’s a lovely scooter 🙂

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