Hayling Island Scooter Rally 2018

The Hayling Island Scooter Rally 2018 was brilliant!  The sun shone, the scooters sparkled and everyone was up for a good time.  If Carlsberg did scooter rallies…

I’ve split my posts into two again – you can see the people who attended here, or at least a selection of them.  This post concentrates on the scooters; the gorgeous vintage Italian shopping bikes we love with a passion, and I think the ones you see below prove what diverse tastes we all have, which is a good thing, in my opinion.  Life would be incredibly boring if we all liked the same things!

Hayling Island Scooter Rally – Friday

We got to Hayling Island quite early so it was nice to chill and watch all the scooters arrive.

Scooters and riders arriving at Hayling Island Scooter Rally 2018

Lambrette rider arriving at Hayling Island scooter rally 2018

Scooter riders arriving at Hayling Island scooter rally

Riders arriving at Hayling Island scooter rally


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Pale blue Scomadi 125cc scooter

Rear view of bright green Vespa chopper

Lime green Vespa chopper scooter

A set of crutches makes an unusual accessory for this PX!

Vespa PX scooter with set of crutches strapped to the back


Orange Vespa rally

Black and yellow Lambretta GP

Red Scomadi scooter with Donald Duck keyring

Row of scooters with sky blue Dorset Scooter Club banners

Lambretta TV scooter

Black Lambretta Series 2 with flame murals on side panels

Flame murals on black Lambretta side panels

Lambretta Series 2 with British Forces scooter club banner

Black Lambretta cutdown with RD engine


RD engine in a Lambretta

Blue mod scooter with The Who lights and accessories

Definitely Maybe Scooter Club PX scooters

Lambretta Series 1 scooter

Yellow Lambretta cutdown scooter with Minion murals

Yellow Lambretta petrol tank with Minion murals

I love this custom Vespa which has loads of bespoke parts! Rocket from the Krypt custom Vespa scooter

Rocket From The Krypt rear view

Rocket From The Krypt side view

Blue Vespa GTS scooter

Vespa GTS Scorpion exhaust

Orange Lambretta with DRC paint job

Red Lambretta Series 1

Yellow Vespa GTS scooter

Scomadi scooter chrome exhaust

Ben Sherman Lambretta chrome front rack

Gas Monkey Vespa PX scooter

Purple custom Vespa called Gas Monkey

Purple Vespa scooter

This Armando’s scooter is owned by Mark Turner from Midhurst Detours Scooter Club.  The big question is : should it have the traditional driver flyscreen or not?  I think it SHOULD!   Answers on a postcard please, or in the comments at the bottom…

Blue and gold Armandos scooter

Armando's Vespa scooter side panel

This belongs to Richard Stewart from the Midhurst Detours.

Red Vespa PX scooter

An unusual place for a petrol tank but Snowy White likes to be different!  At least it’s not plumbed in any longer…

Knocksville petrol tank

Red and green Lambretta scooters

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Purple and silver metalflake Arthur Francis Lambretta

Series 1 Lambretta scooter

Lambretta LI scooter with stickers

Lambretta side panel with Hard Lines Speed Shop signwriting

Lambretta GP exhaust

Green GP Lambretta

Blue and white SX Lambretta

Green Vespa rally

Green Vespa rally scooter

Green Vespa PX scooter

Hayling Island Scooter Rally – Saturday

Saturday dawned and the custom show was buzzing.  The sun was out and everything shone beautifully!

JB tuned Lambretta

JB tuning Lambretta

Mod style Lambretta with lights on the front rack

Yellow and black skinhead scooter

Lambretta with trailer

Lambretta trailer

Lambretta chopper The Devil Rides Out with skull accessory

Skull accessory on Lambretta scooter

Vespa custom scooter with Marilyn Monroe and Katherine Hepburn murals

Elvis Presley custom Vespa scooter

Elvis Presley scooter - rear view

Elvis Presley scooter with microphone back light

Blue custom Vespa with skull murals

Blue Vespa with skull murals

Skull mural on Vespa toolbox

Lambretta murals with M and M murals

Lambretta scooter

Lambretta vintage scooter

Sky blue Vespa smallframe scooter

Arthur Francis Super S Type Lambretta

Arthur Francis S Type Lambretta

Arthur Francis S type

Minion muralled Lambretta

Purple metalflake Arthur Francis Lambretta

Arthur Francis Lambretta

Lambretta with Ed's Record murals

Lambretta Series 2

Pink Vespa scooter

Black vintage Vespa

This is Dean Percival’s Wildcat Lambretta.

Wildcat Lambretta

Lambretta Wildcat street racer

Lambretta Wildcat street racer scooter exhaust

Scomadi 50cc scooter

Peaky Blinders custom Vespa

Orange Scomadi scooter

Misty Blue custom Vespa

Misty Blue Vespa scooter

Misty Blue vespa seat

Misty Blue scooter engraved back light

Legends of the Nile Lambretta scooter

Legends of the Nile Lambretta custom scooter

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DTC custom street style Lambretta

Downtown Custom Lambretta

I do love a rusty Lambretta and this one was fab!  It’s actually called Crack Whore which the owner didn’t tell me until after he’d taken photos of me sitting on it!  These can be seen in my ‘people’ post of the scooterists in attendance.

Rusty Lambretta scooter

Lambretta Series 1

Lambretta Series 1 rusty scooter headset

Series 1 Lambretta with suitcase strapped to the back

Group of scooters

Blue Lambretta

Blue LI Lambretta scooter

GTS with cuddly meerkat strapped to the front rack


Mod scooter with lots of lights and mirror accessories

Blue PX Vespa scooter

Blue Vespa scooter

It’s good to see that Nita’s Tooti Frutti Lambretta is still going strong.

Tutti Fruiti scooter

Lambrette murals

Lambrettas bar flag on the back of a Lambretta scooter


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Trojan Horses Scooter Club rusty Lambretta

Lambretta scooter with Trojan Horse Scooter Club signwriting

If there was one scooter I could have ridden away then it would have been this stunning TV, owned by Shaun Jeffries from Brighton.  It’s been 14 years since he did it up which is amazing as it looks absolutely perfect.  It was stage 4 tuned by Stuart Owen when he was at Gran Sport, has a blueprint engine, an Ancilotti piston, 25mm carb and a handmade Ralph Saxby exhaust.  It’s a one-off Interceptor and deserved all the attention it got.

TV Lambretta

Lambretta flyscreen

Blue Lambretta scooter headset and flyscreen

Lambretta TV

Lambretta spare wheel

SX Lambretta

I hope you like this post.  If you’re the owner of any of these scooters and have more info to add then do leave a comment or contact me via my social media icons and I will do the necessary!

If you were one of the many people I took photos of then here is a link to the ‘people’ page for Hayling Island!

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  1. Becks
    June 4, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    Nice to see Rocket from the Crypt get some interest. Thanks for the pics 😁

    • AliRichards
      June 4, 2018 / 9:13 pm

      I really loved all the little unique touches on it, I’m glad you liked the photos!

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