Pink Scooters

Pink scooters aren’t the most common colour but they really stand out from the crowd.  They obviously appeal to many female scooterists but can be popular with guys too, a number of scooterboys being comfortable enough in their masculinity to embrace a striking pink machine.  I was never a ‘pink’ person myself until fairly recently, and the first six scooters I owned were all blue except the horrific Jet 200 which didn’t last long and was boring black.

When my husband built me a speedy smallframe I decided I wanted it to be pink, and I even embellished it with some pretty flowers too.  It was a really fun scooter and I loved how eyecatching it was.

Knowing that many people are fans of all thing pink I thought I’d dedicate a blog to the scooters that I’ve photographed over the years which tick that box.   It’s amazing how many pink scooters there are on the scene, and some particularly nice ones regularly appear in custom shows.

I may as well start with my contribution to the world of pink scooters.

Side view of pink scooter called Va Va Vroom

It was built in 2008 and sold a few years later.  It had a 135 Malossi kit, 24mm Dellorto carb, PM pipe and electronic ignition kit.  We had the engine, forks, hubs and various other bits powder coated and I designed the graphics using Photoshop, inspired by a greetings card.  They were made into decals by Rob Champion’s sister and painstakingly applied by myself!

Dave Rose (DRC) did a fantastic job on the paintwork and it was super shiny and very nippy, although it seized a few too many times for my liking and my hands would ache from keeping my fingers poised over the clutch.

The next one is a recent discovery from Instagram.   A Portugese lady with a stunning pink vespa, whose Instagram name is vespa-thepinkpanther has a feed full of gorgeous photos of her scooter.  Here are three she sent me to post on this page!

Gorgeous bright pink Vespa scooter

Front view of bright pink Vespa scooter

Stunning pink Scooter in a frame with beautiful countryside in the background

Here’s a complete contrast – a Vespa chopper with an interesting engine installed under the tank.

Pink vespa chopper

This scooter was at the recent Bulldog Run  (read my report about this event here) and it’s always nice to see a scooter beautifully customised by a pink-loving owner!

Pink auto Vespa scooter

I found this beauty on our recent road trip to San Francisco.   It’s a bit dented but still gorgeous.  Although I wouldn’t fancy riding a scooter around their hilly streets, as some of the gradients are insane!  Read about some amazing hidden gems we found there.

Pink Vespa in San Francisco

Here’s a street-style GP from my 80s archives.

Placid pink Lambretta

I’ve recently been sent these late 70s / early 80s photos by Ian Birchall who had a pink furry Lambretta back then!  It was called The Animal, had pink fur on the side panels and a real mink seat.  I’m not sure I’d fancy sitting on that after it had been raining!

Lambretta scooter with pink furry side panels

Man riding a Lambretta scooter with pink furry side panels

This is a lovely old Series 2.



This gorgeous restored TV is owned by Louise Boyd who describes it as ‘blackcurrant blancmange’ rather than pink!

Gorgeous restored TV Lambretta

Here’s a lovely old Vespa Sprint.

Here is my fellow Detour Tina Hall on her pink p-range at a Camber Sands rally.


Here’s a Betty Boop auto.

Betty boop themed auto Vespa

I love how this lady has really embraced all things pink with a really vintage, fluffy look!

This is Jen White’s lovely pastel 1968 Primavera which is called Verity.

Jen white's pink Vespa primavera 125

Jen is from Southampton and had Verity sprayed in 2016.  Here’s a photo of Jen riding her!

Jen riding her pastel pink Primavera

This is Good Vibrations, owned by Karen Bourne.  She bought it in ’84 and had it sprayed pink with murals but it was unfortunately stolen at Margate ’86.



Karen then acquired this beautiful SX  in 2002 which was sprayed by Dave Rose (yet again – he’s been very busy!).

As featured in my Best 80s Custom Scooters blog, this is Nick Jolly’s Hall Of Fame Lambretta.  Paintwork by Nick, murals by Keith Barnes from Bognor, built by Nick and Mark Halsall.

Nick Jolly's pink Lambretta scooter with Hall Of Fame written on the side panel and a mural of a baseball player

Pink scooters are like buses…

Three pink scooters with matching riders

This cute little smallframe belonged to the lovely Emma Cox!

Emma Cox's pink smallframe


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We’re not entirely sure exactly what this is except that it was born a Vespa, we think it started life as a Rally, and is owned by George Bradbury.  It can definitely be described as vibrant and curvy!

This is a pastel pink Vespa PK, owned by Anne Whigham.

Pink vespa PK

It has even featured in a TV advert!

Pink Vespa PK appearing in TV advert

Pink scooters come in all shapes and sizes.  This is a classic T5 with very striking pink paintwork.  Every pink scooter needs a feather boa I reckon…


This is what I love most about the world of scootering.  A bunch of crazy people dressing up as monkeys for a rideout, with a banana leading the way.  At the front of the pack (or is it a troop?) is a pretty pink P Range Vespa!

Another stylish vintage Vespa smallframe with gorgeous rider looking very cool!

And finally, a pink Lambretta chopper, Illusion 2.  The original Illusion was built in the 80s and features in my 80s Custom Scooters blog.  This version is still around and is gorgeous!

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