Custom Vespas and Lambrettas

I was browsing old photos of custom Vespas and Lambrettas that I’ve taken over the years so thought I’d share some here.

Awesome custom Vespas and Lambrettas

Most of the scooters here are multi trophy winners and have the most amazing murals, engraving and chrome.   As the wife of a custom scooter builder I know how many hours goes into the design of each tiny detail.

From the first inception to the finished article, and then subsequent tweaks, the scooters are a reflection of the owner’s passions, whether it’s a band, a movie or other theme.

This tidy Lambretta used to belong to Geoff Hope from Nuneaton.  It has a smart paintjob and lovely engraving, including the front hub and forks.

Lambretta with red and gold murals

The A5s are one of the biggest clubs in the country and their members have always put on a good display of custom scooters.  Here is their club display at the Portsmouth custom show, from the early 2000s.

A5 Scooter Club from Aldershot display at the Portsmouth scooter custom show

Club display from the A5 scooter club at the Portsmouth custom show in the early 2000s


Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Toy Story themed custom Vega scooter

Memphis Belle was one of the biggest trophy winners in its time and is a stunning example of a themed custom Lambretta.

Custom Lambretta featuring a Memphis Belle theme

Many thousands of pounds are spent on custom Vespas and Lambrettas each year, on multiple deliveries from UK suppliers, Europe, USA and even China; yes, we had a delivery yesterday from the Far East!   It’s enough to keep UPS in business, with specialised parts, nuts, bolts, chrome, electronics and other shiny bits being ordered on an hourly basis.

I love the fact that there is so much ‘real estate’ on scooters to decorate, paint, and otherwise customise.  Other two-wheeled methods of transport don’t have much more than a petrol tank to make their own.  We have comparatively vast side panels, front fairings, mudguards, toolboxes and headsets.

There have been many sport-related custom Vespas and Lambrettas over the years, including this Vespa PX which combines Manchester City with Oasis to bring football and music together perfectly.

Oasis and Manchester City themed custom Vespa

Oasis and Man City themed scooter


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Vespa toolbox with Oasis murals

Bands have always been represented well among custom Vespas and Lambrettas, reflecting the wide tastes of scooterists.

Start Me Up is a Rolling Stones Lambretta

Beatles-themed scooter

Sergeant Pepper themed custom Vespa

Beatles image on the front fairing of this custom Vespa

Custom Vespa with gold plated engine and Beatles theme

Red and silver custom Vespa smallframe


Chrome Lambretta engine from the custom scooter Unforgettable Fire

Chromed and engraved Lambretta engine casing


Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Rear end of U2 themed Lambretta scooter

Psychobilly themed custom Vespa scooter

Psychobilly side panel on custom scooter

Vespa toolbox with Meteors murals

Other eclectic themes include this Lambretta from a few years ago with a horse theme.  I took these photos at a Camber Sands rally in the early 2000s.

Custom Lambretta Apple Of My Eye with a horse theme

Apple Of My Eye is a horse-themed custom Lambretta

Custom Lambretta floorboards with chrome horseshoes

Apple Of My Eye custom Lambretta

Race themed custom Lambretta


Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Side panel showing racing-themed murals on a Lambretta

Pop art themed custom Lambretta



Side panel from Lichtenstein pop art themed Lambretta

Lichtenstein pop art Lambretta scooter

The attention to detail is awesome on this Lambretta.  From the barbed wire on the floorboards to the engraving and amazing murals.  It’s a great example of the theme being reflected all over the scooter.

Custom Lambretta with chrome, engraving and murals

Lambretta front mudguard with horror-themed mural

Chrome barbed wire on the floorboards of this Lambretta custom scooter

Red custom Lambretta, Menace, with rear end lifted

Petronas street-style Lambretta

Orange Vespa px with drop handlebars


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Orange Vespa PX scooter


This is one of my favourite scooters from the 1980s, Sign Of The Snake, which is still going strong!

Sign Of The Snake custom Lambretta


Trafalgar is one of the most expensive and detailed custom scooters ever conceived.  No expense was spared and the finishing touches are awesome.

Trafalgar scooter with HMS Victory murals

HMS Victory murals

Gold plated Lambretta floorboards

Gold engraving on Trafalgar custom Lambretta


Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

Lambretta side panel from Trafalgar custom Lambretta

A gold plated Lambretta engine

One of the best ever custom Vespas and Lambrettas, Trafalgar

I realise this collection represents only a tiny fraction of the custom Vespas and Lambrettas we’ve enjoyed over the years.  I have more examples in other posts on this website, including

I also cover rallies and rideouts, with amazing custom Vespas and Lambrettas featured, including

I hope to see you on a rally or rideout soon!   Do grab me to take a photo of your scooter if you see me and join my mailing list below to receive my monthly newsletter!

Scooter riders at the Isle of Wight rideout as background to Crusader Promotions advert

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  1. Lee Richards
    July 9, 2018 / 7:15 am

    Loving the photos , you can’t beat a tidy well thought out custom Scooter ( with plenty of engraving) 😉

    • AliRichards
      July 9, 2018 / 12:55 pm

      I appreciate how much thought goes into a custom scooter, not to mention the time and cost!

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